RV Show

Sunday – 9/9/2018

So we go to the RV show, just for fun.  We’ve been talking for almost a year about purchasing an Aliner Expedition.  We loved the simplicity and the easy set up.  There was; however, a thought which plagued us as we thought about future travels and expeditions.  The restroom.  We thought we’d be content with not having to deal with a restroom and all that goes with an RV restroom.   I certainly did not want a toilet 2 feet from the “kitchen.”

But once we walked into the Flagstaff Micro Lite 23FBKS, our expedition plans were but a distant memory.  We loved everything about it, and the restroom separated into its own private room felt like a more comfortable plan to deal with middle of the night restroom breaks on our travels.  We were smitten, and it was easy to see as we lingered at and inside the unit.  The salesperson lowered the price, and we bit, rationalizing in various, creative ways, why we needed to buy now.

It, definitely, was fun.


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