Straight to Arrow Rock

Hello 2019 Camping Season!

It’s off to Arrow Rock State Historic Site for our first camping trip of the year.  We picked this weekend (4/17/19-4/22/19), to begin our season and to celebrate my birthday.  Arrow Rock State Historic Site is about 2 1/2 hours from home.   We had reserved 5 nights with full hook ups.  Note: At this state park, there is only 1 site with full hook ups – which we have come to love, after having them just one time.

but for the best sites, book 6 months in advance.

Day 1 – Wednesday, 4/17 – Travel Day

This day, we got our trailer, stopped by Grenada Bike Shop, back home to pack up and then off to Aldi’s in Columbia.   We had to stop at Grenada as we could not figure out how to put our bikes on the Jack-It bike rack.  Now, before you laugh at us, it turns out the bike rack was put together wrong.  Seems the RV dealer knows more about RVs than bike racks.  The folks at Grenada helped us out at no charge, which we appreciated.  In Columbia, at the Aldi’s parking lot, a lady started talking to us, asking us where we were going and was so excited for us and our travels.  She gave us her cart and didn’t even want the quarter – free cart for the travelers, she exclaimed.  Priceless Positivity!  Once we arrived, it took us a bit to set up, as we had not had full hook ups before.  Over night, it rained, which woke us up, but it was pretty cozy there in our 23FBKS.

Day 2 – Thursday, 4/18 – Warm Springs Ranch

We had reservations for the 2 pm tour of Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville, which we headed to shortly

after breakfast.

The place is beautiful, as you drive up.

Though something looks familiar…

These letters weigh 2,000 pounds each and were originally on the brewery building on Arsenal street in St. Louis.

The statues out in front get you primed to see the real thing.

Caution – horses do bite!

We greatly enjoyed the tour.  We are now ready for any trivia questions related to Clydesdale breeding, training, and exhibitions.  Dan and I both petted a full grown, live Clydesdale.

Dan is not really taller than the horse.
This horse is so soft!
We got to hold one of their horseshoes,

and we thought Dan’s shoes were big!

We even saw baby Clydesdales.

At Christmas time, they light up Warm Springs Ranch with the holiday lights.  There are not tours, but you can go, walk around and enjoy some hot chocolate.  Maybe beer, too, not sure.   Reservations are required.  We want to do this sometime, as the ranch and the surrounding area are simply beautiful.

After our tour, we stopped at the Walmart in Boonville.  We needed some supplies, like bowls, in case you didn’t notice.

Day 3 – Friday, 4/19 – The Village of Arrow Rock – a National Historic Landmark

This day, we spent exploring the Arrow Rock village.  We started by walking a trail from our campground to the park’s Visitor Center.  There we watched a short film about the area, and we visited the museum a bit.  Then, we walked the short distance to the town, where we explored many of the historic buildings, like a court house, the home of George Caleb Bingham, the Lyceum Theatre, some other homes, small museums, and a boardwalk canteen with several shops and a restaurant.

Lyceum Theatre

This town is quaint, and oh so friendly.  While the Lyceum Theatre did not have any plays that evening, we were welcomed in and shown all around.  The woman at the Arrow Rock Museum Shop, which houses the Friends of Arrow Rock, talked with us at great length all about the building and the opportunities to explore the town in different ways.  There are tram tours which start up after Memorial Day, and there are night walks which occur in October which bring the town to life with stories from of old.  We did a lot of exploring, but I’d like to go for a tram and/or night tour, and Dan wants to return for a play in the theatre  (I do, too).  As a side note, the town does offer several quaint bed and breakfast inns.  There are other festivities like a Garden Market & Vintage Bazaar, Birds and Bees Festival, and the Annual Heritage Festival.  This town is 13 bucolic miles off of highway 70, and for all the times I’ve gone down that highway, I never knew what a treasure lay just off to the north.

Day 4 – 4/20 – Saturday – Back to Boonville for the Katy Trail

Yesterday, we had more than 10,000 steps, so today was our day to sit down – on our bikes!  We drove again to Boonville, where we rode 10 miles on the Katy Trail.  The day was gorgeous, but since this was our first time out, we kept it at 10 miles.  That was enough.

Missouri River

Then we made another stop at the Walmart in Boonville where we bought a Roku.  Later that night, using the park’s public wifi, the wifi booster which came with our trailer,  and our new Roku, Dan watched the Blues clinch the series against the Winnipeg Jets.  While we couldn’t get calls, we could get internet, so I just had to email our cruise friends who live in Winnipeg.  Neither Kris nor Paul has emailed back yet.  Gosh, I hope they are okay.

Day 5 – Sunday, 4/21 – Easter and My Big Day

Easter Sunday – and my birthday – was another beautiful day.  We walked back to the town and enjoyed the 3 minute Easter parade.  We also saw the town’s entrants in the Easter hat contest which really looked so sweet.

Before leaving, we spent more time in the Visitor Center museum.  Displayed in the museum is a large wooden trunk which was owned by a man who was on the Lewis and Clark expedition.  They are not sure if the trunk was on the expedition; however, the owner’s initials are carved on the trunk which would have made it easy to spot had it been on the keelboat.  So maybe.  There was also a souvenir platter from the 1904 World’s Fair commemorating the Louisiana Purchase, and finally another exhibit which intrigued me was a hand fluter to make ruffles long ago.  There are many displays in this special museum, and I hope to take in more at another visit.

Then, off to Boonville again, for my birthday dinner out at the Main Street Diner, which looked exactly as you would expect a main street diner to look.  Dinner was delicious.  We would have eaten at the Houston Tavern in Arrow Rock, but it was booked for Easter.  There is another, more casual, restaurant as well, but it was closed on Easter.  I hope to eat in Arrow Rock on our next visit, especially because the more casual restaurant has hand-scooped chocolate chip mint ice cream.  Now this is my kind of historic town!

Day 6 – 4/22 – Monday – Over and Out

Waking up in a state park, to the music of birds and the light of sunshine coming through the trees and the sparkling, bright green grass is a joy, but today was our last morning in this quaint, tucked away charm of a place.  We packed up, hitched up, and filled up with food and gas.  Back on our way, we talked about returning for the Warm Springs Ranch Christmas lights and the “Christmas Carol” production at the Lyceum. We talked about our next trip to …   , oh wait, …  you’ll have to read the blog to find out. And we talked about where I wanted to go next year for my birthday trip.  I am not sure yet, but one thing I do know – God willing – we will be in our travel trailer because, as the sign says, we are

The End.


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