A Short Trip and A Christmas Carol

A Look Back

It was April 2019, when our first camping trip of the year took us to Arrow Rock State Historic Site in Arrow Rock, Missouri. There we discovered a small, charming historic town, the Lyceum theater and nearby Warm Springs Ranch. Read that post here.

On that trip, we toured the empty, but beautiful Lyceum theater with its barrel vault lobby, and we learned of the holiday lights at that beautiful ranch where the famous Clydesdale horses are raised. Though it was spring, a trip in December to view a play and the lights sounded like a dose of the Christmas spirit we wanted to take. So when the seasons turned, we bought our tickets and made our hotel reservations. No travel trailer this time; it’s all winterized as I sit here, type and whimper. However, we very much looked forward to this trip. It was a gift that we bought ourselves.

Now to Our Present

Ready for the Show

On Saturday, we arrived well in advance of our 2 pm matinee, and we strolled along the boardwalk with the many others. The theater’s productions provide an influx for the little town’s shops, and we gladly embraced our role. The talk was all of the play. We bought a gift, and Dan could not pass up chocolate chip cookies, so we bought those, too. The Lyceum seats 416, so I am sure the shop owners in the tiny town look forward to each and every production.

Lyceum Theater Lobby

The production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, in the Lyceum Theater was anything but small. It was fabulous. The set and ambiance transported us to London long ago. And the story was told with talented characters, enhanced with singing, costumes, and mechanics. While I knew the tale, as most of us do, by the end of the show, I had a lump in my throat and a resolution to be more generous.

Afterwards, we enjoyed our dinner at the Main Street Cafe in Boonville, and then headed to Warm Springs Ranch where it was anything but warm. However, the lights were lovely, the hot chocolate and cinnamon puffs were sweet and tasty, and the staff and visitors were friendly. The Clydesdale babies we had seen in April had grown up quite nicely. We stayed about an hour and a half before heading to our hotel and warm room.

Cold Hands and Warm Hearts
Why are we even standing here ?
We don’t drink beer.

Anybody know why this Clydesdale is
named Gloria?

The next day, Sunday, we had planned to spend some time Boonville. I had wanted to walk up and down the historic main street, do a bit more Christmas shopping, and enjoy the quaint area. We wanted to stop on our way home at the Adult Passions Boutique and also stop for some CBD gifts. Just kidding! Ha ha – just a little Christmas cheer. Seriously, a serious snow storm was predicted, so we were on the road home by an early 7:30 am. While disappointed our trip was cut short, we were thankful to arrive home safely.

Looking Forward and the Christmas Yet to Be

You may think my looking forward would be all about our future camping trips. And, yes, come Spring, the trailer will be de-winterized, and trips are planned. Yahooey! And while I can hardly wait, my current thinking is not just about all those trips. I am thinking about the Christmas that will be here in just a few short days

This is the Christmas that will not come again. You’ll be older next year (God willing), and those little ones won’t be the same age either. It is the only Christmas where he or she will be one, or two, or ten, or whatever it is. It is the Christmas you have now with a family member who is elderly and frail. It is the season to spend the time, to make the memories and to focus on all the good and hopeful. It won’t be perfect, so choose your focus and make it the best it can be. A Christmas Carol uplifted me with its classic tale and benevolent themes. So, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, here is my wish for you: May your heart and all your days be warmed with love, enjoyed with laughter and filled with kindness and generosity.

Oh yea, and a little camping won’t hurt none either. Merry Christmas.


  1. Loved following along on your holiday adventure through your great photos and thoughtful writing. Looks like it was a very festive and memorable get-away. Thanks for sharing!


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