Jupiter – Getting There

Snowy scene with travel trailer and lake across the street.
Leaving Home and Winter

Travel Day 1: We started our trip by heading to Middleton RV to get our travel trailer de-winterized. Given the cold temperatures, we could not do this in advance. We left our home at 7:57 am on a snowy morning and arrived at Middleton just 10 minutes after they opened. While they took us immediately, it took almost 2 1/2 hours to complete the task of de-winterizing. There was some issue on our water pump that needed a $15 repair, and we also asked them to check the pressure on all our tires, but still… We were hoping to be out of Middleton much more quickly, and we knew this delay would put us behind. It was dark when we arrived in Nashville; it was snowing and very cold. This is not how we want to arrive at our sites. Other than adding a 4th day, I don’t know how we could have avoided this situation. And other than the cold, our Boondockers Welcome site was very nice. This is the kind of overnight stop and host site that make Boondockers Welcome such a great resource. However, even though we had gone south, we had not left winter behind yet; our furnace ran all night.

View of Boondockers Welcome host site.
Morning in Nashville
at our Boondockers Welcome site

Travel Day 2: This day we traveled from Nashville to Adel, Georgia. We left Nashville at 7:17 am, arriving at 4:20 pm. Still daylight and much warmer! This is how we like it! On our way, we passed many signs for Ruby Fall and Rock City. I’m thinkin’ we need to go there sometime. Our site at Reed Bingham State Park was just fine, but we only spent 24 hours there.

Trees and lake in background at Reed Bingham State Park.
Reed Bingham State Park
Adel, Georgia
Purple flowering bush.
From snow to
Flowers in Bloom!
Google maps image showing 3 routes to Jupiter.

Travel Day 3: We debated our route from Adel to Jupiter. However, after some Facebook advice, we took I-75 South to I-10 East to I-95 South. We did not have to pay any tolls. Had we taken I-75 South, we would have paid $33.55 in tolls (one way) according to the online toll calculator. It was 18 more miles, but to us, it was worth it to save $33.55.

With our route decided, we left Adel, Georgia at 7:57 am and arrived at our site at Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Jupiter at 3:45 pm. After unhitching and hooking up, we took a short walk. We were very happy to have finally and safely arrived. Hello Florida!!!

Camp site at Jonathan Dickinson State Park.
Our Home for the next 2 weeks
Palm trees, flowers, and bicycles!

Jaunt to Jupiter Summary

  • Day 1: Home to Boondocking site in Nashville, TN: 364 miles
  • Day 2: Boondocking site in Nashville, TN to Reed Bingham SP in Adel, GA: 447 miles
  • Day 3: Reed Bingham SP to Jonathan Dickinson SP in Jupiter, Florida: 416 miles

Totals miles: 1227

Total cost in gas: $289.21

Lowest price paid: $2.13 per gallon Highest price paid: $2.47 per gallon

My next posts will cover our Cardinals spring training games, Roger Dean Stadium, Jonathan Dickinson State Park and what we did while on the Florida Treasure Coast. Please consider subscribing, so you don’t miss anything!

Happy Campers sign.


  1. Sure looks like a beautiful trip. Love the trees in Reed Bingham state park! Blooming flowers are spectacular too. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hello Flowerchild59! Yes, Bingham was very pretty. It was so nice to see flowers! Our campground in Florida is also very peaceful. We were so happy to finally get here. Thanks for reading! Can’t wait to hear more about your cabin!


    • Oh, I totally agree! I don’t think we will plan another trip with 3 solid days of driving to get there. We are enjoying the sunshine though! Thanks for reading and your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Julia, Funny you should ask about Jekyll Island. We actually had reservations there for this trip. However, my mom is 97 and while she is in assisted living and I have siblings at home, I felt that 19 days was long enough to be gone. So, we cancelled the Jekyll reservations. It looks great though. I have heard at certain times of the year the mosquitoes can be horrid, and that it is a bit pricey. However, neither would stop me from visiting there. I’ll keep an eye on your blog in case you get there first. 🙂 Thanks for reading and your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Betty, My in-laws live on Jekyll Island, so we visit fairly often. We haven’t camped there, but the campground looks nice. The mosquitoes can be awful, but they aren’t a problem this time of year. Have a great trip! I enjoy reading your posts.


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