Fun for the Kiddies and Me, too

Picture of a skunk with "Hi Kids" on a front door.   A calico cat is peering out underneath.
Working as designed.

Our neighborhood, New Town at St. Charles, is one of those having the “scavenger hunts” for the kiddies while we are all under the “shelter in place” directive. While my kiddos are grown, I am participating in the displays. I am trying to think of something I can do each day, even something little, that will brighten someone else’s day.

This week, the subject was “your favorite animal”. My first thought was a giraffe, but then I had another idea. What if I displayed a skunk? People would be like, what? Their favorite animal is a skunk? Ha ha. This is my idea of funny.

Last week’s subject was a duck, and here is my display:

Picture of a duck with "Hi Kids" on front door.

Now, I know you are all thinking what a talented artist I am; however, I must give credit where due. A fellow blogger, heavenstobetty, sent me a youtube link on how to draw a duck after a comment I had made on one of her posts. Now, I’ve looked at youtube videos many times – for how to fix a toilet, how to empty RV tanks, etc., but I hadn’t thought of checking it for how to draw something. Thanks to her, my renderings, while not in the same category of many of you talented folk, are at least recognizable. Right?

I’ve had fun painting these, and I look forward to next week’s victim, I mean subject.

Today, I have put up a different display. Since today is what would have been Opening Day for the St. Louis Cardinals, a near holiday here in the Midwest, I have displayed our beloved Fredbird, with the hopes of some day, one day, seeing baseball again.

Fredbird cutout on door.

Enjoy the day, and please stay safe!

Close up of skunk picture.
Hope I made you smile!


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