Bunny Post Upcycle

I had these 2 bunnies which I am sure I bought secondhand.  I am sure I didn’t pay more than a couple of dollars for them.  The sticker on the back says they are from Big Lots and were $7.99 each.  I used them a couple years as outside Easter decorations.  While they are cute bunnies, I am thinking they are a little dated.  Time for an upcycle. 

Two colorful bunnies.

With the Farmhouse style so popular, I decided to paint these puppies white, with some antiquing.  My hip niece, along with her artistic husband, suggested painting the flowers grey to have them stand out.  I thought this was a great idea as I thought the bunnies wouldn’t look right if they were just all white.

I already had an extra brush and some leftover white and blue paint.  I mixed the white with the blue, so the blue would be very light. 

Bunny being painted white.
What is happening
Bunny being painted white.
to us?

For the antiquing, I rubbed off some of the paint with a wet rag;  I also used some sand paper just a bit.  Here’s my first attempt:

Bunny with light blue flowers.

Bunny with light blue flowers.

While I thought these looked okay, I couldn’t get Jackie and Alex’s suggestion to paint the flowers grey out of my mind.  Then I remembered some extra black paint I had which I could mix with the white to make grey.

Take 2:

Bunny with light grey flowers.

Bunny with light grey flowers.

Here are the bunnies playing outside:

Two bunnies on mulch with plaque that says, "Live your dream.  Everyday Laugh together.  Find true Love."

I did not spend a penny to give these bunnies an updated look.  Just for fun, I searched online for white rabbit decor and found some priced $15 and up.   I love doing stuff like this!

Happy Spring, and stay safe!


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