A Sitting Duck

Frozen duck from grocery store.
Without head and feet. That’s good.

I am not a foodie. Let’s just start with that.

Actually though, I really need to start with the end of our last camping trip. We arrived back home from that trip on March 15th, just as the coronavirus was rearing its ugly head. A few days before we got back home, my son, who is living with us until he starts med school in the fall, went out and bought provisions for us. This was a good thing, and I appreciated it very much. He bought the coveted toilet paper (just 1 large multi pack), cleaning supplies and some food. He also bought duck. For us to eat.

I am 60 years old, and I have never eaten duck. Nor is it on my bucket list. Now, I like good food, but I am not a fan of fancy or foo-foo food. Dan does most of our cooking, and I do cook one or two nights a week … or a month, depending on who you ask. I pass by recipes that list more than 5 ingredients. I follow a great cooking blog that categorizes recipes, and I pick the easy ones. I love Joana Gaines, but I passed on her cooking book as one look at some of the recipes and their ingredients list, and I needed a nap. I do like using our slow cooker, but I have no inclination to get an instant pot. Now, we do have very tasty meals. We have a good variety, and, we eat healthy, mostly. We also waste very little food.

Given that we don’t waste food, and the duck is taking up precious real estate in our freezer, tonight is the night for the duck. Zachary is going to cook it for us, with an orange sauce on the side. That’s real nice that he is cooking for us. However, I don’t really do new foods. My daughter recalls a time when she was growing up and I made something new. I had said we were all going to try something new, but then she remembers that she was the only one who did. Dan doesn’t really try new foods much either.

However, Dan is willing and says I should try it. Zachary says it tastes like dark meat chicken.

But chicken doesn’t have “Without head or feet” printed on the package. At least, not the chicken I see at Aldi’s or Costco.

Not sure how this post ends. Nor about the fate of the 2nd duck in the freezer. Yep, that’s right. He bought two.

Breaking news: Like a last minute order from the governor’s office, I have been given a reprieve. Duck night has been rescheduled to Thursday night. That’s 3 days from now.

What’s your experience with duck? Am I being reasonable, or am I just being a quack?

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