Longing for Longwood Gardens

Dan, Betty and Talia standing in front of Longwood Gardens sign.

It’s a little difficult to be a travel blogger under the current Covid-19 conditions. Please don’t think I am complaining; many have it worse, and I appreciate the efforts of many. However, I do want to keep writing posts for my blog, but I am only traveling to Aldi’s once a week! So, I’ve expanded my genre a bit. I only want to publish quality content – posts that entertain, inspire, give insight or information – i.e. provide something of value to my readers. As such, I thought about a past trip and wanted to spotlight one of the highlights from that trip. Perhaps you didn’t read that post, or perhaps my recommendation didn’t register for more than a moment. It’s worth a repeat and a move onto your bucket list if it isn’t already there.

In September 2019, we were on a camping trip visiting my daughter, and the three of us made a special excursion from D.C. to Philadelphia for the sole purpose of attending a “Fireworks and Fountains” show at Longwood Gardens. Read the full post here.

This 40 minute show was worth all the effort and money it took to see it. We drove from D.C., booked a hotel room for the night of the show, and bought the tickets (with chairs) well in advance. I don’t know of any where else in the world where such a show exists. Do you?

The fountains were choreographed to the music, and moments were accented with fire, along with fireworks. The water changed colors displaying beautiful fluid hues as it changed shapes. I am sure that any video or photograph falls immensely short of the experience. Nevertheless, I have included photos in this post as well as the original.

The show is offered 6 times a year. If I could, I would go to all 6 shows. The only issue was the parking lot, as there was only a single exit to get out. However, three months after our visit, I learned Longwood Gardens will be doing a $200 million dollar major expansion which will include addressing the parking and access issues for the 1,100-acre property.

We did arrive prior to the show and spent several hours walking the gardens. They were beautiful and expansive.

While there are many places I want to visit before I return to Longwood Gardens, I do hope to see another one of these shows, perhaps when all the expansion work is done. If you’ve been there, how did you like it? If not, is it on your bucket list? After all, someday we will all be able to travel again. Until then, we are safe at home, and I hope you are, too.

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