What a Shocking Surprise!

Inside, looking up view of RV roof vent with broken cover.
What the heck happened?

Yesterday was a beautiful day. So, we decided to go visit our travel trailer. It is less than 10 minutes from our home. We hadn’t been to the storage place since we had gotten back from Jupiter. We had lots of stuff to take there and put away, and I wanted to clean the inside of the trailer.

We were so happy to see our Micro Lite again, even if we weren’t going on a trip. But once inside, we were surprised to look up and see our rv vent cover had been decimated.

We remembered we had had a couple of hail storms since we’d been back. Fortunately, we had no hail damage at our home, but we can’t say the same for the plastic cover over our trailer’s ceiling vent. So, Dan went on the roof, and he stuffed some plastic grocery bags between the cover and the screen. Hopefully, that will keep out most of the rain until we can get it fixed. On the grand scheme of things, this really isn’t so bad. It’s just another trip to see our friends at Middleton RV and a little money out the window. Hopefully, the cost won’t be through the roof! Ha ha. I think the stay at home order may be getting to me. Seriously though, we are really glad we discovered this before leaving on our next trip.

23FBKS Micro Lite in storage yard.
All dolled up and nowhere to go –

I usually clean the inside of our trailer once we are home and before taking it back to storage. However, with the stay at home order, we wanted to get it back to storage as soon as possible. Thanks to my Norwex products, I got everything in good shape for our next trip. Both in the RV and at home, I use Norwex products for cleaning. Note: I do not get anything for mentioning Norwex. I am mentioning Norwex only because I love the products, and the lady we buy Norwex from is very nice. We use the EnviroCloth, the window cloth, the cleaning paste, the SpiriSponge, and the dusting mitt. Our next purchase will be the bathroom scrub mitt (works great as we have tried it). We also want the mop system, but we are waiting a bit. The products are very high quality, but they are not cheap. We only purchase through Jennifer’s website, as I long ago gave up parties where purchases are involved. That includes “online parties”, too. Besides that aspect of the company, I love my Norwex! Click here to see a flyer about Norwex products for camping.

Dan locking the gate at the RV storage place.
Goodbye for now

Once everything was put away and the cleaning was done, we sat in the trailer, reclining on the couch, and ate the lunch we had brought along. Then we played a little Scrabble on our phones, just hanging out in our travel trailer even though we weren’t going anywhere. People who have an RV “get this”. In fact, there was another couple there doing the same thing. Soon enough though, we headed back home dreaming of the day when we can go again.

Heading home from our trip to
Robert’s Quality Storage!


  1. We once were avid RV travelers, but have slowed down a lot. Our favorite places to go were out in the western U.S. It was always great to load up for a trip and venture to new places. Hope you can do a trip soon. Glad you discovered the broken vent cover early and can get it fixed soon.

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    • I’ll be darn! It sounds like you had many wonderful travels in your RV. We hope to get out west one day. There are so many beautiful places to see. I hope you’ll come along with me on the blog, and we can discuss our favorite places. Thanks for reading, and have a good day. 🙂

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      • Lived on the Navajo Indian Reservation for 18 years in Arizona. Was raised in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. My husband and I traveled to Arizona every year to visit my parents. Loved to stop at a state park in Oklahoma called Cobb State Park. The deer were in the campgrounds and we would sit in the camper and watch them. Lived in Redding, California for a few years and also San Diego. Was in the Air Force in San Antonio Texas and loved seeing the Alamo. Utah’s Arches National Park is a beautiful place. Took many friends to the Grand Canyon when we lived in Arizona. Have truly been on an adventure before and after marriage. Live in Arkansas now, because I married an Arkie. Ha

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        • That is an adventure!! Cobb State park looks great; I marked it as a favorite in Campendium, so I’ll remember it. We are looking forward to exploring Texas- and the Grand Canyon, too, of course. I’ve been to Arches but that was 37 years ago. We live in MO, so not too far from Arkansas. I just want to go everywhere!

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  2. Glad you discovered the issue with the vent before significant damage was done. Like you we’re sitting here with nowhere to go. To say that we’re restless is an understatement. We’re used to being on the road. I mean last year we were in 46 different places alone. Well, take care. Keep the dreams of travel alive. In time we’ll all be on the road again.

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    • 46 places last year! That is impressive! I am glad you are staying safe, so you will be able to get out there as soon as we all can! Have a good day.


    • Duct tape is pretty great! I think our vent is beyond duct tape. We are hoping to get an upgraded cover, maybe something a bit more substantial. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good day!

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  3. Thanks for liking my blog today. Decided to follow you since I’m wanting the RV life at some point. Right now it’s just a dream til the spouse is on board, lol.

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  4. I totally understand the visiting and hanging out in the RV when you can’t go anywhere! Ours in parked in the driveway and when hubby goes in to turn things on (generator usually), we often sit in it together for an hour or so.

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