Growing a Garden Post


This post will be kind of a “Garden Journal” with notes and updates as plantings develop and hopefully, grow. I plan to update once or twice, with pictures, notes and dates. My updates will be a different color of text, and I’ll note that in this section.

So, if you’ve already read the original post, you can read just the newly colored text. Please feel free to share in the comments any thoughts, suggestions, experience, knowledge, recipes, tips, etc. I’m always happy to hear from you.


These look like miniature petunias. This is the first time I have planted these flowers. They are planted in my sponge rock planter on the east side of our home, so they get the morning sun. I am thinking they will need to be cut back once growing begins, so they do not become scraggly.

4/28/2020Seven Dust
Plant tags for Superbells.

Sponge rock planter with yellow and pink Superbells planted.


I planted basil, spearmint, and lemon thyme. The spearmint I hope to use to help keep mice away from our travel trailer, maybe make spearmint oil (very expensive to buy). Currently, these are in our side yard, facing south and west. I may move the spearmint planter to our front porch to keep away bees which is currently a problem. Why the lemon thyme? I just like lemon.

Plant tags for Lemon Thyme, Basil and Spearment.

3 pots: Basil, Lemon Thyme and Spearmint.
Basil in front.
Lemon Thyme on left, Spearmint on Right

4/28/2020Planted; Seven Dust

Flamethrower and Coleus

These I chose for the bold and contrasting colors. They are on the front porch, facing the morning sun.

Plant tags for Flame Thrower and Coleus.
Planter with Coleus and Flame Thrower.
4/28/2020Planted; Seven Dust

Purslane – Rio Grande

I have not grown these before. I planted them in a hanging basket, and they are in our side yard which faces south and west. I like the vibrant color – which is currently just on the tag.

Plant tag for Purslane - Rio Grande.
Hanging pot with Purslane - Rio Grande planted.
4/28/2020Planted; Seven Dust

Beautiful Bouquet

How about these beauties? Did I grow them? No, these flowers were given to me by my son, Zachary, for my birthday. While I didn’t grow these flowers, I will have a future update. Can you guess my favorite color? Thanks for reading, and enjoy the springtime!

Large basket of yellow flowers.


    • Thank you! It will be fun to watch and harvest your garden. Hopefully, the timing of the harvest and future travels work out. Either way, it will be good!


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