Milk and Cookies Anyone?

Glass of milk and plate of 3 chocolate chip cookies.

“My milk isn’t very cold” said Dan. Oh oh. Is something wrong with our refrigerator? I just made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies with my new KitchenAid mixer. Dan really needs cold milk to go with the cookies! Do we need a new refrigerator?

We have had the fridge about 8 1/2 years – since we moved into our home. However, it is about 1 year older than that. Right before we moved, I took a day off of work, on a Friday, to visit estate sales with a friend. It just so happened that the first sale we went into had a Whirlpool Gold refrigerator and a stackable washer and dryer for sale. Those were also Whirlpool Gold. We were told the appliances were about 1 year old, and they did look pretty new. For our new home, I wanted a fridge with the freezer on the bottom as we are both tall. I also wanted white to match the other kitchen appliances, and whatever washer and dryer we bought had to be stackable. Lastly, the dryer had to be electric. The units at this estate sale met all those criteria.

Whirlpool Gold tag.

I don’t remember the asking price, but my friend who is an expert estate sale goer advised me to put in a bid. I believe she advised the bid to be just above 50% of the asking price. Two days later, on Sunday morning, I got a call, and the rest is history. This was a time I believe I was blessed from above. Thank you, Lord.

We paid $350 for the refrigerator, and the same amount for both the washer and dryer. After 8 1/2 years, I can say these appliances have served us well. We did have to have the Whirlpool Gold refrigerator repaired once because it had a faulty drain valve. This is a very common problem for this model, some even calling for a recall. I watched a guy on Youtube show how to fix this problem. After watching the video, we quickly called Scott at Blankenship Appliance Repair to come take care of things.

The valve repair cost around $200. I don’t remember the exact amount as it has been more than 2 years ago. With the issue of Dan’s milk not being cold enough and having a full freezer, we quickly decided to call Scott again.

The current problem was due to a faulty Jazz board, and in 2 days, our refrigerator was working just fine again. Scott said he has replaced a lot of these Jazz boards as when the units get older, the Jazz boards tend to give up the ghost. The total cost was $412, not cheap. However, that is far below the cost of a new refrigerator. A 22 cubic foot white Whirlpool Gold refrigerator currently costs $1349 at Home Depot. With 7% tax, that would total to $1443.

For our current refrigerator, we spent $350 + $200 + 412 which equals $962. So, we are still ahead $481 assuming a new model would never need to be repaired. I wouldn’t take that bet.

Now, I can’t advise you to check estate sales for your appliance purchases. While I love estate sales, the odds just don’t seem in favor of such a purchase given timing and personal preferences. Nor can I advise you to be blessed from above. However, I can list reasons why it is a good idea to get appliances repaired – if possible – rather than purchase new. Here’s the reasons:

  1. Financially, it sure beats buying new.
  2. It’s easier to pay cash if the cost is lower. I am a cash on the barrel head kind of girl.
  3. There’s no interest paying cash.
  4. If appliances can last longer, that’s less appliances that end up in the landfill.
  5. We patronized a small, local business which is owned and operated by a very nice man.
Jazz Board.

On a final note, those who follow my blog know I am restoring an old dollhouse. As such, I joined 2 Facebook dollhouse groups where the creativity is anything but miniature. Any old thing is looked at from a new perspective of what it could be in a dollhouse. While I am not going to save every empty package, I did save the Jazz board. Because now when I look at it, I am seeing handles for dollhouse dressers. I bet there’s many more possibilities, so I may post it on Facebook and ask those gifted with such imaginations what they see. Do you see anything? Please feel free to comment if you do. If I could, I’d give you a nice cold glass of milk and some cookies for your efforts.

Stay Safe!


  1. Oh these appliances! We really do rely on them. I’m glad you got your refrigerator up and running again. It is cheaper than a new one if the repair is reasonable and the appliance is still in good condition. In calculating in the money you spent you also have to factor in all the many days the appliance has served you so well!

    I want to see your doll house, please!

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    • Yes, I agree the appliance repair has to be a reasonable cost. Once the compressor goes, then it’s definitely time for a new fridge. I have 3 posts about my dollhouse so far. I am working on it regularly. It’s going to be a long process. I plan to post about it regularly – like each time I get a major part done. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

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  2. Well this is peggyjoan 42. Have no idea why I can’t get my gravatar to work on your sight anymore. Have so many glitches in my blog it is unreal. Lost Facebook for 2 days, then it appeared again. Do not know if it is the Hughes Net sattelite I have to use out here in the country or what. Really am tired of all the technical problems. Must be a lot like your refrigerator going bad.

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    • I am sorry for your technical problems. That is soooo frustrating, I know. Could it be storms causing issues? In any case, I hope it gets better soon. Have a good day!


  3. Oh I bet there are lots of dollhouse things in that jazz board… furniture handles or cabinet pulls for sure! Fire extinguishers 🧯? An awning for a patio? Flashlights? I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

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    • Thanks! We’ll both be surprised to see what I can make with that board. BTW – There is an article on about sunscreens. (I am a big fan of Clark Howard.) Also, last year he recommended (based on Consumer Reports) the Equate brand which was waterproof. Enjoy the day!

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      • I also was thinking about your fire extinguisher idea. I really like that. I can put it in the kitchen, and it would be a subtle reminder to people about safety. Great idea!


      • Thanks for the tip!
        A tip from another reader lead me to the Equate brand as well, so that’s two votes for Equate. Plus, that is the generic brand from Walmart so the price will be quite reasonable!

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  4. Cold milk with cookies is a must. That is why – but not the only reason – we finally put a residential frig in our rig. Best decision we made. Glad to hear you are making progress on the doll house. I can’t wait to see it when it is finished.

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    • Good to know about the residential fridge. Yes, I am making progress, but it is a slow progress. It will be very fun along the way. Thanks for reading , and enjoy the day!


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