Man Socks

Socks with tents, campfires and trees.

I love the Dollar Tree. I could spend hours in there. That is, if Dan isn’t with me. Going in, he’ll ask, “What do you need?” What do I need? What do I need? ha ha. Lol. I don’t need anything in there. Or if I do, it’s just one or two things which are really just an excuse to get me in there. If you’re part of the Dollar Tree tribe, you know why we go in there. Joy. Pure unadulterated joy.

These socks are my latest discovery. I love them! Yellow is my favorite color, and camping in our Micro Lite is one of my joys in life. And, as per the Dollar Tree Tribe chant, “It’s only a dollar!”

As I take them to the register, Dan comments, “Those are men’s socks.” ha ha. Lol again. Well, don’t tell my toes! I’m sure they are there for the coming Father’s Day, but come on – How many of you camper ladies out there could pass these up?

You know, in all my excitement, I didn’t think to look through the pile to see if there were any other “man socks” I needed. (ha ha) Hey, ah, I’d love to write more but ah, something just came up. Gotta go!


  1. I’ve bought some very cute, very nice socks at Dollar Tree!!! I am super excited because they just opened one even nearer my home than the other one was and it is where a Walgreen’s was so there is lots of space which means….more shopping!

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  2. This is Peggy – my gravtar is still not registering – so just telling everyone who I am. Love the Dollar Tree. I go in there for the same reasons you do. It’s better if hubby stays home – he is always rushing me. Love those socks and I wear men’s socks all the time. I also buy men’s T-shirts. They are thicker, with a higher neck and great for around home or CAMPING! Great post Betty.

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    • Thank you, Peggy! Sorry about your gravatar. I think it is universal good idea for the hubbies to stay home when we go to Dollar Tree. I’ll keep the T-shirt suggestion in mind! Enjoy the day!


  3. I remind my wife all the time that we live in a small 176 square foot travel trailer so she must choose wisely what she buys. She enjoys shopping too. Last summer she bought socks for all our children and their spouses to give as Christmas gifts. Somehow we managed to stow them for six months.

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  4. […] Also at the concert, we saw our neighbors and asked about their paint by number project. Turns out they spent hours and only made a small amount of progress. A few of them, who will remain nameless, gave up and took a nap. I am sure they will persist, and it will be very fun when their pictures are completed. Our whole evening was really fun, too. I even spotted some “Man Socks“! […]


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