Rend Lake Wrap Up

The rest of our time at Rend Lake was spent relaxing and enjoying the campground. There is a fabulous bike trail which goes on much farther than we would ever need. We did a 4.5 mile ride, a 10.27 mile ride, and two 7 mile rides. The trail (for us) starts at the top of our campground, continues through eventually going to the other side of the dam, and then along the river.

After our rides, we like to sit and play Scrabble. While our campsite provides an indestructible picnic bench, I can’t really sit there very long without feeling uncomfortable. Our travel trailer table can easily be taken outside, a feature we have never taken advantage of until this trip. It made all the difference!

Hard as a Rock!
That’s more like it, and cookies, too!

Another new feature we used for the first time was our travel trailer’s DVD player. The campground does not offer wifi. We do get some stations with our trailer’s antenna, but not our beloved Jeopardy. It was nice to be able to watch a movie one evening.

Our travel trailer has many great features, and we haven’t even used them all yet. Some, like the ability to add solar panels, we may never use. However, there is one feature I am hoping to try when we visit Michigan later this summer. You’ll just have to keep reading this blog to find out the exciting details. Can anybody guess what it is?

Boats on Rend Lake

We also used something else for the first time, something that we had bought over a year ago, when we bought all our initial travel trailer accessories: X-Chocks Tire Locking Chocks. We weren’t sure what they were for, but we were told we needed them, so we bought them. Our site had a slant, and while we were hitching up to head home, it occurred to us, the trailer could move forward when we used the power jack to raise the front pole off the ground. So, before we raised the pole, we thought of and used the X-Chocks, by putting them in between the tires on our trailer. Everything worked fine, and our trailer did not move before we wanted it to. We probably should have had them on the entire time. Going forward, if our site has a slant, we will.

We very much enjoyed our time at Rend Lake. I hope you enjoyed reading about it, too.

There’s our spot – right under the rainbow!


  1. Glad you enjoyed Rend Lake. We liked it the too. Where you going next?

    I always use our x-chocks even on level ground. It helps with to front to back stability.

    Happy days and safe travels.

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    • Our travel trailer is only 23 feet. We haven’t had any issues with front to back stability – that we know of. In any case, we will be using the X-chocks more often. We are taking a 4 night trip to another MO state park in a couple weeks. Michigan in July. We have reservations (rescheduled from April) for Gulf Shores SP in September. Hopefully, we will be able to go as planned. Thanks for reading. Happy days and safe travels to you as well.


    • Well, I sincerely hope I don’t keep you awake all night wondering, but you are just going to have to wait! Have a good day tomorrow!


  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love the rainbow over your camp site. Happy traveling and may you enjoy every second you spend out in nature. I can wait to see what you are going to use for the first time. Happy traveling.

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  3. Oh I bet you have an outdoor shower? An outdoor grill that comes off the back? I’m guessing here but will wait to find out. Enjoyed the post. Also I think the chocks are important (from all the RV shows I watch – I personally have no idea) but apparently there have been some big surprises when they are not used. I watch Keep Your Daydream on You Tube and also Less Junk More Journey. And have to throw in We are the Russo’s. Anyway, have fun. Look forward to reading all of your journeys.

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