An RV Journey

Dan and I regularly take walks around our neighborhood. In the past, I’ve noticed this little camper lawn ornament and wondered what the story was behind it. Were they campers? What kind do they have? Where have they gone? Where will they go? They happened to be out one day as we walked by, and you know me, I couldn’t pass by without starting up a conversation and asking them my camping questions.

It turns out they are Brandy and Eric Frank, and like most campers, they are very friendly. They currently have a popup which they bought in 2018 when they had a 5 month old little boy. They wanted their son to enjoy camping, but they wanted to do it in comfort. So, they bought a new popup camper which could be towed with the vehicle they had back then. They are a young couple, and one has to admire anyone who camps with a young child.

Since 2018, they’ve enjoyed KOA’s and Camp Jellystones because these campgrounds offer activities for children. They are wise. A bored child is not a happy child, and how fun would that be? They also like the affordability of the popup and being able to store it in their garage. The downside is the popup does not have a bathroom.

Enter this year and thus Covid-19. The Franks wanted to take a longer trip to the Smokey Mountains. However, they wanted to be self-contained where they could be mostly isolated. They decided to rent a Class C. We met them a few days just before they were headed out with the Class C. I had wondered what they would think of the popup after renting the Class C.

Photo courtesy of the Franks

They loved the Class C. They loved the size. They loved how it handled the curvy roads in the Smokey Mountains. They loved having a bathroom and a shower! They loved the easy setup – 15 to 20 minutes each time. The only downside was not being able to drive anywhere else easily without a separate vehicle.

Photo courtesy of the Franks

Regarding their trip, they said the mountains were beautiful, and “driving through the National Forest was like a dream.” Sounds like they got bit big time by the travel camping bug, don’t ya think?

Once home, it just so happened the Franks needed to purchase a new vehicle. What do you think they bought? We saw it when we walked by their home. It was a brand new big ole truck. A pretty blue color. Of course, I had to ask. Is it part of a plan? What’s your guess?

Their plan is to purchase a travel trailer in about 5 years. I’m not sure why as to the 5 years, but I wonder something. Do you think they will wait 5 years? Maybe I should start a pool. Do you want a square?

In the future, the Franks hope to visit the Grand Canyon, Florida beaches, Wisconsin Dells, Indiana Dunes National Park, and of course, their cute little boy wants to see Yogi Bear at all the Camp Jellystone’s.

I hope this young family gets to do all that and more! What great memories they will make for their family! And what great conversations we will have when Dan and I walk by!


  1. Enjoyed your post. The Franks will probably not wait long to purchase a camper. I have camped from the time I was a small child. My granddaughter’s favorite things is camping. We started her on the camping journey when she was one year old – she is now 19. Getting out in nature is what camping is all about.

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  2. When my children were young we enjoyed camping in our pop up camper. We stayed at state parks where we had bathrooms and showers! It is a great family activity – I’m glad you met this young family!

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    • Thank you! Those sound like fun times and great memories for your children. I do love our state parks here in Missouri – and other state parks, too. They are often real gems! Enjoy the day!

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  3. Yes — that’s how it all started for us. First tents, then a pop up, finally a hybrid camper. The kids are all grown now and enjoy camping with their children. Great memories, thanks for writing this. 😊

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    • You are so welcome! I am glad you have such great memories. Apparently, your grown children do, too, and they are continuing the legacy! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the day!

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  4. My camping days began with my family, My dad somewhere, somehow got his hands on a big army surplus tent and some cots. Then he made his own ice box – it weighted a ton and the ice melted faster than a snow cone in a hot oven. But boy did we have fun. As for my wife and myself we began in a van I converted. A few trips in that and she laid down the law, something more comfortable and with a bathroom and shower. So here we are today “boldly going where we have never gone before” having the time of our lives in a big old class A that we’ve been slowly rebuilding piece by piece. How blessed and fortunate we are to be living the full time life. We would not have it any other way. The Franklin’s? Check with them in August! Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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    • What great memories of camping with your dad. And good for your wife! I enjoy your positive and grateful outlook. I give the Franks less than a year, but you may be right – could be even shorter! Enjoy your travels and stay safe!!


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