Really Bugs Me

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Protection product
I can only hope…

Have you heard of this product? Thermacell – for protection against mosquitoes? I had not ever heard of it. But recently there was a post about it on Facebook, and I took notice.

You see, mosquitoes like me. No, not just like. They love me. In fact, they have a special network and track my movements wherever I go. North or South. East or West. Inside or Outside. Day or Night. They know where I am. I am their free, all you can eat, dinner buffet. Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, there is a mosquito on its way to me.

When I get bit, I am in misery. Ice, toothpaste, Vicks Vapor Rub, rubbing alcohol, making an “x” with my fingernail, even scratching until it bleeds – anything for relief. Finally, relief comes. Then a few days later, the bite comes back to life. A resurrection of sorts, and I need prayers!

Get the idea? I’m betting you do. So, when I read on Facebook the recommendation of Thermacell and the almost 300 hearty agreements, I told Dan about it. Rather, I implored him. Within a day, we took a drive over to our nearby Lowe’s (couldn’t wait for an online order delivery), and we shelled out $45 for both the Thermacell Patio Shield product and 48 refills. $45 is a small price to pay to keep from going insane.

We are optimistic the product will work.

So, in a few days, we’re camping again. Yahooey!! We will be at a Missouri State Park, not too far from home. We’ve invited Dan’s sister and husband, who live near the state park, to visit us for an afternoon and evening. While we could all fit in our camper, it will be more spacious and nice to be outside. So, my friend, after our trip, I will be doing a product review of the Thermacell. I will report on how well this product worked. At this point, I am not an Amazon affiliate; although, I may consider it in the future. But even if I was, I would only write a totally honest review. I am not going to sell my soul for a few pennies. After all, there may be mosquitoes in hell, so what would be the point?

Do mosquitoes like you? Have you tried Thermacell? If so, let me know in the comments if you liked it and how well the product worked. Everyone else, stay tuned, and I’ll fill you in later on what the buzz is all about.

Bye Bye Buddy


  1. I also saw that on Facebook and have 2 of them now ready to be used! We have more of a problem with gnats and midges and while not advertised for them, I’ve heard it helps. We’ll see!

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    • I don’t know what midges are, but I hope the thermacell helps. If it works, we’ll buy a 2nd one,too. Good luck to both of us! Enjoy the day!


  2. We have one as well as a citronella candle and they worked for us. Ticks love me and I don’t want to use toxic chemicals. We are trying everything! Have fun this week. We head out again this weekend too! Safe travels.

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    • I understand about the toxic chemicals. Good luck keeping the ticks away! Safe travels to you as well. So glad everyone can go again – even if there are limitations. Enjoy the day!


  3. Misquotes love me, but I have not tried this product. I know the misery of any kind of bug bite. Have a tick bite right now that is driving me nuts. Have a nice trip and I hope your new product works.

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  4. As someone else whose blood is sought by every mosquito nearby, I’m eager to hear the results. One of the reasons we sold our trailer and bought a cottage was an extreme reaction to mosquito bites at a provincial park in Ontario. It necessitated a trip to the local emergency department when a bite near to one of my eyes caused such extreme swelling that I had trouble blinking. It was years ago, but I remain cautious whenever that familiar mosquito hum is near me! Good luck!


  5. We have one and it works great. It is the only way we are able, when in Florida, to be able to sit outside. Without it my wife becomes a magnet for every kind of flying insect and within 5 minutes she is so bitten up she has to run for cover. Long story short, you’ll love it

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