Thermacell Review

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

Dan and I recently purchased a Thermacell in an effort to win my personal war against the mosquitoes of the world. I promised I would write a review of the product, and this post is that review.

In a nut shell, the product worked. I give the Thermacell two thumbs up. The directions were simple, and the product was very easy to use. We sat outside for hours during the day, and not one mosquito enjoyed dining at my expense. However, I did not use the product after dark, but I did use it at a state park with dense forestation. While I did like the product, here are my thoughts regarding its limitations.

  • While this is evident, it is worth mentioning that when the Thermacell is used, it is stationary. It covers a 15 foot “bubble” – which is great provided you do not wish to walk anywhere. As soon as I wish to walk somewhere, it’s back to the DEET for me. A spray with DEET will protect me; however, it just makes me feel so greasy and yucky. So, while we spent the afternoon playing games, once we took a walk, out comes the DEET. The good thing was it did protect 4 of us at the same time while we played games. But I have to wonder, if it’s just me, and I may be leaving the bubble at some point, why not just spray with DEET if I am going to have to do that anyway?
  • At one point, I was too close to the Thermacell, and I could smell the butane. It is not a strong smell; rather, it is very, very subtle. No big deal; I just moved it farther away from me. I certainly would not put it close to food. Closer is not always better.
  • The product comes with a little blue pad and a small canister of butane. The refill pack has 12 blue pads and 4 butane canisters. Once the blue pad is white, time to change it. The blue pad is supposed to last “up to 4 hours.” Ours did last 4 hours. However, when our blue pad turned white, the butane was nearly gone. The butane canister lasted only one more hour. So, why so many pads as compared to the butane canisters?
  • Probably because the butane canister is supposed to last “up to 12 hours.” We got no more than 6 hours out of each butane canister. Yes, that technically falls under “up to 12 hours”, but it fell quite short of the 12. If you have used this product, is this your experience as well? Let me know in the comments below.
  • The cost of the refills – 12 pads/4 butane canisters was about $22. So, about $5.50 for about 6 hours of protection. A bit high in my book. However, I will still use the product because it was wonderful not to get bit, but I will be judicious about its use.
  • The directions do mention it is best when used in an area where there is not a lot of wind. This makes sense.

I will definitely use the Thermacell when we sit on our front porch and play Scrabble. Even in the day, I get bit doing this. So, this is a perfect use for it. I will also use it on our upcoming trip to Michigan. Here we will likely be outside in the evening, so I may mention it again when I write about that trip.

So in summary, my plan is to to use both the Themacell and a spray with DEET as the situation warrants. Lastly, I do have a backup plan, if all else fails…

Extra Strength Benadryl

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and enjoy summer!


    • That would be great to hear about the “watch”. If it works, please be sure to tell me what brand it is. Thanks, and enjoy the day!


  1. Here is another thought which we found often works – a box fan blowing in your direction. For some reason bugs in general do not like a breeze. Don’t know why, don’t care to know why, just know we have had success using one when outside at the picnic table.

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  2. Mosquitoes love me and I avoid deet. Essential oils of lavender, clove, citronella work to a degree. One thing I tried that really did work was a vitamin b12 patch. I didn’t get bit while hiking at all that trip, but I felt like I was exuding a vitamin scent through my pores…like a gnc store. My husband either didn’t notice or was too polite to tell me I smelled, ha! Anyway the thermacell sounds like a good alternative to torches or citronella candles.

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    • I never heard of a vitamin B 12 patch. I don’t like using DEET either, but getting bit is such an ordeal. The patch sounds promising. I will have to check into it. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

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  3. Thanks for the honest review. We’ve seen this product advertised but never really looked into it. It seems like a lot of money on butane canisters and blue pads. We’ll stick to the bug spray. Thanks again. 👍🏼❤️

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    • You are welcome. I am glad it was helpful. It does seem like a lot of money to me, too, especially if you have to put spray on later anyway. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the day!

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  4. I’ve been interested in trying Thermacell so reading your review is helpful. And bonus, the Scrabble part!! We are game players and Scrabble is my long time favorite. When we play games outdoors at home I generally turn on a box fan for cool air, and it does help with mosquitoes. We also set up a fan outside our campsite if the Kansas wind is not blowing. Ha. The Kansas wind ALWAYS blows. 🙂

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    • I really like your box fan idea! Anything to keep those mosquitoes away! Plus, no spray. We play lots and lots of Scrabble! I played my grandma when I was a kid. You’d think after all these years I’d be better! I am glad the review was helpful. Enjoy your day!


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