Michigan Lemonade

View of Pentwater channel
Pentwater channel to Lake Michigan

Pretty soon, we’ll be leaving for our annual trip to Michigan. It’s an annual tradition where my extended family goes for a week and enjoys the little summer town and each other.

Except it’s going to be different this year. Way different.

First, my sister and her family, including her daughter, husband and family won’t be going. That’s five people. Second, my brother and his family won’t be going. That’s another four. Both families are very concerned about you know what. We still plan to go as we will be in our travel trailer. Three of our grown kids along with two of their other halves will be going. Those five will be sharing a two bedroom unit in town. I also don’t expect to see my cousin and his wife. They are in their eighties and live in Rockford, Michigan. They usually come for a day visit.

Here’s more of what we won’t be doing:

On the way, we will be staying at the Kankakee South KOA. Last year, we stayed there on our return trip, and I discovered a Frank Lloyd Wright house literally 10 minutes, 6.4 miles, straight down the road. It would work perfectly for us to tour the home after we arrive in Kankakee and before leaving the next morning. No can do. You know why.

We won’t be entering shops or restaurants as much as usual. This little summer town very much depends on tourist season. However, we will want to keep our guard up in this infected state and minimize our interactions with other people. Michigan just implemented a rule that masks must be worn at all public inside areas as well as crowded outside areas. If you break that rule, not only do you subject yourself and others to the spread of the virus, but you also subject yourself to a $500 fine. That’s definitely not in our plans!

We don’t know if we’ll have to wear a mask at the beach. Or when (and if) we play putt putt. We probably won’t buy ice cream on the beach, like usual. To social distance in that line may mean out the door, down the beach, onto the pier, balancing on the “mermaid rocks”, and then right into Lake Michigan. Well, okay, the line probably isn’t THAT long.

In any event, I’m hoping the campgrounds don’t close down while we are there. I don’t think they will, but who knows?

Michigan sunset
Lake Michigan sunset

I like to think I am a positive person, but sometimes I have to force myself to think of the bright side. And sometimes I have to remind myself to do that again and again. This is one of those times. So, here’s my lemonade from the lemons:

  • My sister and brother’s families will remain safe. They will be able to make their reservations and secure their coveted accommodations for next year.
  • The Frank Lloyd Wright house in Kankakee will be there next year, too.
  • At least, we are still going. We will eat most of our meals in the travel trailer. That works out well money wise, especially since, you know, we just bought that new roof.
  • We can also buy ice cream and keep it in our travel trailer’s freezer. No need to do without!
  • We will see and get to be with three of our kids who do not live in St. Louis. (Vegas, Dallas and DC, oh my!) This is huge for us.
  • We are excited about our campsite. Due to the high demand of the area, I cannot reveal any further specific information. Ever.
  • Michigan weather is about 10 degrees cooler with far less humidity. With our current heat and humidity at home, it is difficult for Dan and I to get in our usual amount of walking. This is how we stay healthy. Where we are going, we should be able to walk and ride our bikes to our hearts’ content.
  • As a surprise for our trip, I bought Dan a mask with the St. Louis Cardinals logo on it. And I got myself one with a travel trailer motif. Now, isn’t that exciting!
  • A “sunset bonfire” along with local music will be held on the beach in nearby Ludington during our visit. This is a once a month event and will be held with social distancing guidelines. I am hoping we can attend this event.

This morning, I happened to have read a quote in the July 2020 issue of the “Missouri Conservationist” magazine:

We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell – a well-known American professor of literature

And so, my dear readers, that is what I hope to do. Stay safe!

Bicycle at sunset.


  1. Well Betty I wish you luck on this trip. Perhaps someday we will have a normal life again. My husband and I are just sitting in place and trying to stay safe. My David has COPD and very bad lungs so we are taking no chances of getting this virus. Stay safe and have a wonderful trip.

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  2. Travel safe but have a good time. Thanks for the reminder to make Lemonade out of Lemons. We’ve been really down in the dumps lately, what with the excessive heat and everything being closed. I just keep reminding myself that right now “the situation is the boss”. So we will take each day as it comes and make the most of it with what we are given. Enjoy.

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    • You are making the most of what you are given. It is hard though, with this heat, the virus, and all the upset. Stay cool, enjoy the day, and have fun in your home. btw – Your wife has a cute, sweet smile. I meant to say that on your last post which had her picture with a nice smile. Have a good Sunday.


  3. When you get to Ludington MI, you will be in a similar latitude to where we spend our summers at Grand Bend ON on the Eastern shore of Lake Huron. We’ve had a heatwave for the past two weeks which has warmed the great lakes faster than usual for July. I’m sure that Lake Michigan is at a temperature similar to Lake Huron so you will enjoy some good swimming when you are in the area. Drive safe and enjoy your family visit!

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