Behind Closed Doors

Closed white door
What’s taking so long?

Do you like to read in the bathroom?

I do. And I have for as long as I can remember. I love to read. It is one of my joys in life. Every morning, I’ll sit on our couch and use my chrome book to catch up on the blogs I follow. Evenings, I’ll read in bed. In the afternoons, if I can, I’ll steal a few moments before dinner is ready. And throughout the day, I’ll catch up on magazine articles when, well, … you already know.

Sometimes, I even read blog posts in there. Maybe even one of yours. Y’all should consider that a compliment.

My grandma was a voracious reader. Grandma Gabrielle was born in 1898. One year her mother told her she would be getting one gift for Christmas (ah, simpler times). Then she asked my grandma what she wanted. My grandma’s answer was quick, short and to the point, “A book.” My grandma was a reader her whole life long. When my grandma was in her nineties, she would often tell me, “I can go anywhere . . . in a book.”

Stack of books
One library trip for Dan and I

My dad read in the bathroom, too. I can remember how, he’d jump up (apparently an urgent call), dash to grab part of the newspaper and quickly sprint to the bathroom. His brother, my uncle, read in the bathroom, too. No, I didn’t ask him. I just remember once, when we were visiting him at his “shack” in Barryton, Michigan, good ole Uncle Harold came out of the bathroom holding a magazine. I knew. My sister keeps a basket of magazines in her downstairs bathroom. Do you think those are just for guests? Ha!

Dear readers, my guess is that reading is a joy in your life, too. Seems likely, given you are reading this blog. But what I wonder is . . . do you read in the bathroom? More so, will you admit it? Let’s take a totally unscientific survey, and see what the responses are in the comments. Come on, people, I can’t be the only one. Can I?

Basket of magazines
In Our Bathroom


  1. Yes, of course. 🙂
    I have always loved reading since a small child, as did my mother. Mother and I both could wile away an entire day or evening or all night reading. I read blogs of course, and the news online, and even scholarly articles for research online, but when it comes to a book, I want the pages in my hand. Bathroom reads are The Whole Dog Journal where I get my positive dog training information, my alumni magazine from college, my social work professional magazine, and the Mississippi Farm Bureau Journal magazine. Lately, there has been no reading material as I filled up the magazine cubby with extra washcloths. Storage is a premium around here.

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    • Thanks for fessing up! And I totally agree with you about books. I read books in bed, and it wouldn’t be the same if it was on an electronic device. Enjoy the day – and your books!

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  2. Sorry, but I do not read in the bathroom. I do love to read and I am constantly reading books – but I prefer to sit on the couch and read. I have seen people who have a container of magazines in their bathroom. If you like reading in the bathroom that is fine.

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  3. I love to read, but not in the bathroom! My parents weren’t really scholarly people, but they both introduced me to books. My mother bought me many Little Golden books and read them to me before I learned to read. Daddy read to me, too, in his beautiful, rich bass voice heavy with Southern accent. But the greatest reading gift he gave me was the library. I was about 4 and still remember that trip where we checked out my first book. Daddy was a library patron all his life, no matter where we lived. I still love the library and stacks of books. Perhaps that is why my book cases overflow today.

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    • What a wonderful legacy your parents gave you! I have always loved libraries, too. We went to the library this week for the first time since Covid. I felt so happy to be there and to be able to check out books again. Mask were required, and you could only stay 1 hour, but that was fine. What a great example your dad was to be a library patron his whole life. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the day!


  4. Yup, sort of I usually go in there to watch YouTube on my phone. Yes, at times my legs have also gone numb because I stayed too long. I mean it is such a quiet, private place. Where else when you’re living in a 40 foot fiberglass tube can you go to escape from the world!

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    • You know, I usually think of reading magazines in there, but phones count, too! There are lots of ways to enjoy life, aren’t there? Have a great day!


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