What’s Wright about Kankakee

Upper corner of Frank Llloyd Wright house in Kankakee, Illinois
What a sight!

Well, we made it to Kankakee, our first stop on our way to Michigan. Kankakee worked out really well for a number of reasons.

First, the drive from home was only 268 miles. This is a perfect amount of miles for us to travel on the first day of a trip.

We arrived with enough time to make the very short detour to the B. Harley Bradley House, the Frank Lloyd Wright house on the Kankakee River. While we couldn’t tour it, we could see the outside, and we walked around the outside for a bit.

Since the house was closed and no one was there, we parked across a row of parking spaces, and Dan managed to make a U-turn to get us out of there when we left. We will have to figure out a better plan if we do indeed tour the house next year.

See you next year!

From there, we went to our campsite at the KOA which was only 10 minutes away and just 4 miles off of the highway. We enjoyed the full hookups, and had a no contact check-in. The place was packed.

The next morning, which was a Saturday, we headed out at 8 am. We had about 40 miles before reaching Highway 80. Amazingly, once we got to 80, we did not have any slow downs due to traffic. Last year, we drove Highway 80 in late afternoon on a Friday. What were we thinking?

Now, we are thinking we’ll stay at Kankakee every year on our way to Michigan. We think it’s the Wright decision.


    • Thank you. I hope so, too. One room by the river was all windows. I also read there were over 100 stained glass windows in the house. I also want to see the gift shop! Have a good day!

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