A Door – My Fix

View of broken screen door in travel trailer.
This could be trouble!

Houston, we have a problem. And it needs to be fixed before we take off. For Michigan.

Remember the wonderful time we had in Jupiter, Florida. What didn’t make it into the blog, at that time, was how windy it was in Florida. At one point, we opened the door, and wham! The door hit the travel trailer, and our screen door was never the same.

In the middle of the door is a section where the handle is located. That section has two parts. A clear plastic piece slides to allow access to the handle. The other section is stationary, and a screen was there. Between the clear plastic piece and the screen was a vertical plastic thingy which allowed the plastic to slide but kept the section closed off, so bugs wouldn’t have their own private entrance.

The plastic thingy (yes, a technical term) had prongs which fed into a groove, keeping the thingy in place. When the wind took the door, one prong broke off, and all the bugs, in all the land, were now free to come to our RV.

We fixed it, as best as we could, with the ever versatile duct tape. It didn’t really work very well.

Back home, we called our dealer and waited a couple of months to find out we would have to order a whole new screen door. It would cost about $120 with shipping and some labor added on. Maybe $175?

My first reaction was that’s too much; maybe I can fix it myself. However, Dan said to have them order it. Since I want to keep our travel trailer in the best condition possible, I agreed. But after waiting a couple more months for the door to arrive and with Michigan sunsets on the horizon, I decided to try to fix it myself.

Completed Project

I removed the screen in the middle of the door. I replaced the screen with a stick-on vinyl tile which I cut to size. The thickness of the vinyl tile fits perfectly into the groove . I covered the back sticky side of the tile with a thin piece of clear plastic I had cut. This piece I made from a clear plastic cutting board which I had bought at the Dollar Tree. The cutting boards are two for $1. My cost at this point was $2.59, plus tax.

The hardest piece of the puzzle was the vertical space between the clear plastic piece which slides and the vinyl tile. It can’t be too tight as to impede the clear piece from sliding, but it has to be tight enough to keep out those little buggers.

I used the original plastic thingy, cutting off the other prong. I then glued the plastic thingy (with e6000) to the edge of the vinyl tile and held it tight for several minutes. Lo and behold, it worked. I am thrilled! The clear piece slides to allow access to the handle; yet, there is not an opening to allow unwanted guests to enter. Of course, the true test will be the test of time. Will it hold up? I am thinking it will, but either way, we are ready for take off.


  1. Oh you are a woman after my own heart! My grandmother (a young woman and young mother during the Great Depression) could and would fix anything with baling wire and a hammer and nail…and then paint it red. I take after her, and I can do some pretty mean repair jobs with what’s on hand…frequently my hubby sees something, shakes his head, and says “Your grandma would be so proud.”

    I say great work! Be safe on your travels.

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    • Thank you! I like how your grandma would paint it red! And good for you, too, being able to do some pretty mean repair jobs. Being resourceful and using what is on hand is very much a talent! (and a money saver!) Thanks for reading, and enjoy the day!

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    • Ha ha. Thank you, but I am not really a genius. Necessity is the mother of invention. It did feel really great to conquer the issue. I’m hoping it works, too! Enjoy the day!


  2. It seems like there is always something to fix on an RV. And as you have wonderfully shown, ingenuity is the name of the game. I give you a gold star for the center of your forehead. Now, go out and enjoy and make some new and wonderful memories.

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  3. Great job. My husband can fix anything, but I am pretty good with tools too. I have often repaired things and saved money. I think your wonderful job of repair will hold up for sure. A+ for you Betty.

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  4. Necessity is the Mother of Invention! One of the courses I enjoyed the most in college was Creative Thought. When the need arises, as my mother would say, “put on our thinking caps” and go to work! Glad you got it fixed up!

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