Dairy Day

Betty and Dan standing out side Country Dairy, in front of a cow statue.

Today was Dairy Day. This is the day we planned to take our bikes over to Mears and ride the Hart-Montague trail. We were going to ride to the Country Dairy and eat lunch. You know what they say about plans.

Seems we forgot an important piece of the car bike rack. We’ve only used that particular bike rack twice in the last year and a half. That’s our excuse anyway.

At this stage in life, even without our bikes, we know how to roll with it. So, we decided we would walk the trail for an hour and then drive over to the Country Dairy. No need to cancel the lunch plans!

The Hart-Montague is a paved trail that runs for 22 miles. It goes through beautiful rural areas, including cherry orchards and asparagus fields. Every so often, there are small towns offering a few services. We’ve eaten at the Trail Side Cafe in New Era. People tell us Deb’s in Shelby is excellent. One of our favorites is the Country Dairy, also in New Era.

Hart-Montague Trail with trees on both sides.
View of asparagus fields.
Sign for Hart-Montague trail.

Most of the restaurants we see here in Michigan are not offering dine in services. We knew Country Dairy had outside picnic tables, so we knew we were good for our lunch. When we got there, it turned out, they had inside dining! We wore our mask to order but took it off at the table. The staff, all wearing masks, were quick to clean a table once a family left. We were able to socially distance and felt very comfortable eating inside.

Cow picture with "Country Dairy".

The food was delicious as normal. I had a chicken salad wrap, and Dan had ham and cheese on a hoagie. Normally, the dairy offers all you can drink milk with lunch, but this service was suspended. You know why. We passed on the ice cream (at a dairy farm!), so we’d like to know where to pick up our award for outstanding discipline.

Later, back at the trailer, we had a lite dinner, and then took a 5 mile bike ride on the surrounding Pentwater roads. Since we never did get that award for outstanding discipline, we decided to roll with things again. I topped off the day with mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone. Dan enjoyed an ice cream chocolate sundae. Holy cow! What a great day!


  1. What a lovely couple. So glad the two of you could get out for some exercise. Could you please go back and do a little walking for me as well. Ending the day with ice cream, why I can’t think of a better way to do so. I hope you continue to have a good time. Hey, how about a few pictures of where you are staying?

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    • Thank you. You are so kind! I will be more than happy to post some pictures of where we are staying. I also plan to write a post about the town and another post about the high water level, but I may not get to those until we are back home. I did write a post “Making Michigan Memories” when we were here last year. Also, I did a review of the campground (Charles Mears SP) on Campendium. Is there anything specific you would like to know? Enjoy your travels and exploring! I know you will. Stay safe and cool!

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  2. Wow! The pictures of the trail look inviting. We’ve been thinking about getting ebikes. I bet it would be a lot of fun there. I’ll have to add that to my ever growing bucket list. Thanks for the post.

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    • You’re welcome. I’ve been coming here for a very long time. This is the first year I’ve seen a number of ebikes. We have rented them twice (in Hawaii and at Red Rocks Canyon), and they were very enjoyable to ride. Reading these blogs keeps adding to my bucket list, too! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the day!


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