How Sweet It Is!

Pentwater, Michigan

Do you like sweet corn? I do. It is one of my favorite summertime foods. When we are in Michigan, we always look for corn at the Pentwater Farmer’s Market. The Farmer’s Market is held on Monday and Thursday mornings on the Village Green. You best get there early as some things sell out. Some years, like this year, there wasn’t any corn. It seems that even though Lake Michigan has too much water in it, the farmers’ fields do not have enough! So, no corn yet this year.

On Tuesday morning, Dan and I were walking to the shower house. A car was stopped right there on the campground road. The man was just sitting there in his car. We looked at him, and he was eating an ear of corn! We knew it had to be good! So, we asked him where he bought it. He told us where he bought it; it was on a side road we hadn’t gone down. He told us the corn was really delicious; he was even eating it raw! I’ve never eaten raw corn on the cob. Have you?

We found the corn stand, as pictured above. It was very good. Although, we did drive back and cook it before eating it. Fortunately, at home in St. Charles, Missouri, we live near a local produce stand, Hermans Farm Orchard. They sell the best corn. And tomatoes and other fresh produce.

How lucky for us that man stopped in his car right by us to eat that corn. How lucky we live where we can buy fresh, sweet corn. While it may sound “corny”, I thank the Lord above for the simple pleasure of fresh corn on the cob.


  1. Love sweet corn. I have tasted it when it was raw, but I prefer it cooked. You definitely were lucky you saw that man eating that ear of corn. That is such a cute stand the farmer has for his corn.

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  2. I grew up on a farm and we would eat an ear of corn while we shucked a truck load of corn. We would sit on the tailgate of the truck and toss the shucks over the fence to the cows. The shucked corn would go into buckets to be taken into the house for Mom to put up.

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    • My kids are in the thirties, and they still love Cosmic candy! I do have several posts written about the Pentwater area – it’s a great place for families. Enjoy your day!


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