Pentwater 2020 Sunset

Pentwater Sunset

For those of you who think I should rename this “The Pentwater Blog”, rest assured. This is my last post about Pentwater. For this year. There’s just a tiny bit more for the record.

Our Camper

First, I did mention in an earlier post that we would be using something on our travel trailer that we hadn’t used before. We were planning to use our outdoor grill for the first time. (We’ve had our camper a year and a half.) However, as you can tell from this picture, if we put the outdoor grill on, there was no place to stand. We would have had to stand on the “upper level” of our site (with the awning in) and bend down to the grill. That wouldn’t be very comfortable. Nor would it be very conducive to cooking correctly.

In addition, I am not sure if you can tell, but the fire ring was under our awning. So, we did not have any campfires either. We just felt the fire ring was too close to the camper. Even with not being able to use the outdoor grill or the fire ring, we still were very happy with our campsite. We got to avoid the harrowing experience of having to back in a travel trailer to a space where it looks to be not geometrically possible.

While it wasn’t the feature I originally had in mind, I did stay true to my word. We did use something for the very first time. Rather than the outdoor grill, it was the outdoor shower. We used it to rinse sand off our legs and feet. It worked great! Stay tuned for an upcoming, exciting report on our outdoor grill which I am hoping we use on our very next trip.

One thing we did do was celebrate Dan’s 70th birthday! In the morning, I took him out to breakfast. In the afternoon, we played Putt Putt at AJ’s with all the kids. In the evening, Danny and Jenn treated us all to dinner out at Gulls Landing. I am happy because I know Dan had a wonderful birthday!

Putt Putt Aficionados.
Dan was the champion!
Birthday dinner at Gulls Landing.
Thank you, Danny & Jenn.

While there’s even more I could say, I best end here. After all, God willing, there’s always next year.


  1. A beautiful sunset and family picture. Happy Birthday, 🎉 Dan.
    Given your earlier adventures, I thought you might buy your husband a case of RV 🧻 toilet paper.
    I am still laughing about that post! The BBQ grill will be less trouble, no doubt.

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  2. Happy birthday Dan. Now the key to not getting older is to just not celebrate any more birthdays and hold at 70. I’ve been doing that for a few years now and I like always being 70! Great sunset, great family. So happy for you and Dan and the family that you had time together and so many wonderful memories were made. Hey, take the grill out in the backyard when you get home.

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    • Thank you for your kind words. My mom held at 39 for years; I got suspicious when I turned 39! We could use the grill in the backyard, but I am really looking forward to using it when we are in… oh wait. Can’t tell yet! Enjoy your day!


  3. Happy Birthday Dan. Love the photos of your family. It looks as if you are having a wonderful time. I do hope you get to use your grill someday. Have a safe and wonderful time on your nice vacation.

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