Dollar Tree in the RV

Do you like Dollar Tree? I sure do. Now, I know there are zillions of Dollar Tree posts out there, but won’t you please allow me to post my own? Well, you’re still reading, so here I go! Also, these days, I am hearing there are many new RV’ers out there (due to Covid), so maybe my post will help one of them. Then again, maybe not. But it is fun to read about Dollar Tree, right?

We bought our travel trailer new and paid cash after saving for it for 6 years. The decor is just okay, but I am not going go to the trouble and the expense of redoing things that are brand new. I prefer to get good use out of what came with the trailer and do other, more fun stuff with my time and money. But I do like to “homey” up the place a bit.

My sister colored this picture for us, and I framed it with a Dollar Tree frame. I put it in our camper to add a splash of color. It really livens up the place, and it looks so cheerful.

This simple artwork from the Dollar Tree hangs on the wall by the door. That way, we see it every time we leave. Actually, our trailer is so small, we see it anytime we walk around. So, basically, we see it all the time. We are ever mindful and grateful for all our blessings.

I was lucky enough to score this dish washing cloth. However, there were only a few left, and I was not able to find the matching towel. All of us Dollar Tree fans know – if it’s there, and you like it, buy it because special or seasonal items go fast! And in keeping with the dish cloth sentiment, I’m happy I got this one.

We have a double sink in our trailer which works well for washing the dishes on one side and drying on the other. This dish drying rack fits perfectly on the ledge of our sink and stores easily in the cabinet below during travel. If I have more dishes to dry, I lay a dish towel on the side and stack there as well.

Notice the Dollar Tree dish scrubber in the corner. I put a squirt of Dawn, add water to wash. The liquid in the scrubber always drains completely out before the next dish washing session though.

Next on the list is the “Moisture Eliminator.” Or for those who like to shop at “Tarjay” – the “Elminateur D’Humidite.” Oo la la. Either way, it’s still just a dollar! Obviously, these are used to help remove excess humidity. I use one in the bathroom and one in the main area of our travel trailer. They work great. You’ll need to store these carefully when traveling once water begins to accumulate. Let’s not ask how I know, k?

One place that you do want moisture is on the flush ball seal. This is that black circle you see at the bottom of the RV toilet. The flush ball seal and I got to know each other real good when we had the “Tissue Issues” ordeal. But well before that, on one of our early trips to “Old Highway 86 COE campground”, we met Dennis who helped us immensely. Dennis gave us newbies several tips on how to care for our travel trailer. I plan to gather those tips into a future post, but one tip dealt with the flush ball seal. If this seal dries out, it no longer seals and will cause problems. Dennis said to keep the seal from drying out you should regularly apply Vaseline, or for us Dollar Tree shoppers, Petroleum Jelly. Note: See below for important information about latex gloves!

The Dollar Tree has brooms and dust bins, too. While these may not be the best brooms in the world, for me and my dust, they work just fine. Now before any trip, I do thoroughly clean our travel trailer. I vacuum with our Dyson stick vac, and then I mop. So, the broom is used just while we’re out on the road. I hang the broom in the bathroom with “Command Broom and Mop Gripper”; although, this came from Amazon, not the Dollar Tree.

This was a tip I learned watching the “RVoyage” YouTube channel (before they sold their RV). The idea is to spray the perimeter outside your camper to keep rodents away. The video is entitled “How to Ant and Rodent Proof Your RV.” I got both the ammonia and the spray bottle from the Dollar Tree. I also spray the ground underneath our travel trailer when we take it to the storage yard. This is one of several things I do to keep mice away.

One of the funnest things to deal with when traveling in an RV is the sewer system. Ha ha. Not really. It actually isn’t too bad as long as there are not any “issues.” We use latex gloves a lot. We use them any time we are set up at a campsite as well as when we unhook. Dan uses them when we hitch/unhitch, so he doesn’t get grease on his hands. We actually buy them in bulk, and we have to buy the extra large size for Dan. But these from the Dollar Tree are what we started with, and they work just fine. We do buy extras from the Dollar Tree, so that we have these available wherever we might need them.

The final item for this post is duct tape. Who knows what you can fix with duct tape? Maybe even a travel trailer screen door, at least temporarily. The duct tape roll at Dollar Tree is not very big. But, that’s okay. There’s enough on the roll should we need to fix something when we are out exploring the world in our travel trailer.

How about you? What are your favorite Dollar Tree products for the RV? Well, what the heck? Let’s go crazy! What are your favorite Dollar Tree products? For anything! Let me know in the comments below. And if I’m not here, you know where I am.

Update: The dish scrubber shown above drained after each use. However, the one shown below, also purchased at Dollar Tree works great and does not drain between uses. Happy Camping!


  1. I may possibly be the only person in Mississippi who does not shop in Dollar Tree. I went in once years ago, to try to find some small items for the after school tutoring group we worked with in a local community. Now you have made me curious!

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  2. I so enjoy your posts, Betty. My wife and I are able to get some things at Dollar Tree—like our favorite unscented soap—you can’t seem to find anywhere else. There’s also a cool store in our area called $5 and under. Everything is five dollars or less. Blessings.

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  3. Thanks for sharing. OK, have you and my wife been sharing lists. Believe it or not just about all the “stuff” you buy at Dollar Tree we do too. We always get our greeting cards there also. Barb always looks for a Dollar Tree or Dollar General wherever we go. They’re both such cool stores and you can find just about anything under the sun. Keep making wonderful memories and enjoy the days God gives to you.

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    • We buy all our greeting cards there, too! Dollar General is a regular stop for us as well. Great minds think alike! Thanks for reading, and have a great week ahead.


    • Well, there are certainly far more beautiful and interesting places in the US, as you probably know, but Dollar Tree is a good place to go if you need something. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

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  4. I was pleased when a new, much larger and cleaner, Dollar Tree opened close to my home a few months ago. It is where an old Walgreens used to be, so it is a nice size store. I make the $ Tree my first stop for many things! It is definitely a cult thing!

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    • Glad you are part of the cult! There is nothing so depressing as a dirty, messy store. Fortunately, the Dollar Tree by us is pretty new and stays nice and clean. But stuff does sell fast! Dan could not understand why I was so happy when it opened! Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

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