Dollhouse Fixer Upper Project – 4

How long has it been? My last post on the dollhouse project was 4 months ago. Since that time, I have replaced all the siding and the roof shingles. The new siding is made from vinyl blinds. Each slat was glued on individually and cut to size. It did not turn out perfectly; there is some buckling and some of the slats are not spaced exactly evenly. However, my goal is excellence, not perfection, and if you stand back far enough, it looks great!

I chose to purchase dollhouse cedar shingles for the roof. These were also glued on individually, and I could do one row at a time. I applied 3 coats of stain/poly once all the shingles were on. I had the stain/poly leftover from another home project. I am happy with how the roof turned out. I still need to do trim work, but at this point, much of the outside renovation is complete.

Here’s the before/after pictures.

Notice I have removed the bathroom wall.
More about that later.
Left side after.
Left side before.
Right side after.

Right side before.
Back side after.
Back side before.

Next Steps – Literally

My next step in this project, is to repair the staircase. But before I can do that, I have to decide about the bathroom.

If you’ll notice, in the first picture, I removed the bathroom wall. I really like how open it is; it showcases the staircase and the back window. However, that leaves me with a dilemma- where to put the bathroom. Every house, even a dollhouse, needs a bathroom! Dan’s comment about the previous bathroom was there was no bathtub in it. It tickles me that he would even mention this.

So, here’s the choices I thought of; please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you can think of any other options, please let me know that, too.

  1. I could put the wall back in and live with the half bath.
  2. I could put the bathroom on the 3rd floor (under the roof). However, there’s no stairs to the bathroom, and this bothers me. Ha!
  3. I could sacrifice one of the bedrooms and put the bathroom in there. If I used the whole room, it would be a HUGE bathroom. If I only use a part, in order to be able to see it, the remaining bedroom and bathroom would be long and narrow.
  4. I could possibly expand the landing right in front of the large window. Do we need to worry about neighbors looking in? This would be the most difficult option, but maybe…

Here’s another view of the steps from both directions:

I look forward to reading your comments below, and I am happy to answer any questions. I’m hoping you’ll step up and help me with my bathroom challenge! ha ha. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!


  1. Tough question! First, I love what you have done so far. I loved playing with my friend’s dollhouse–I never had one of my own. When I was in my early 20s, I found one at a garage sale and bought it, though. 🙂
    If you used the landing option, I wonder if a “balcony-like” extension for the tub would work? I am thinking of the bathroom design that showcase a tub in front of a window, even if the window is stained glass or frosted.

    One of the coolest I ever saw was the owners built a “tower” in the front of the house for the bathroom. Definitely a brain twister on this one, but I will be eager to see what you do! Thank you for some “play time” this morning.

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    • I like your ideas, but I think you think I have way more talent than I actually do! I do like the idea of the bathtub in front of the window; however, the window would need to be stained or frosted as you say. I will have to think about the tower idea – interesting. Enjoy your day, and thanks for reading!

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  2. How about at the back of the center room on the ground floor? Close off the last arch from the room on the left. It will also fill in some of the unusable space under the staircase. The landing is lovely. Maybe turn that space into a reading nook?

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    • Thank you. I appreciate the suggestions! I am still thinking about the bathroom. I hadn’t thought of a reading nook on the landing, but I really, really like that idea. Thanks again, and enjoy the weekend!


  3. What a fantastic job. It is really coming along. You are making great progress. Now about that bathroom. Well now here is a thought, how about an outhouse! They were in use well into the 20th century both in the country and the city. OK, just thinking out loud. I for one really like the exposed stairs. Have a great weekend and the week to come.

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    • Thank you! I will think about the outhouse. Not sure, but I appreciate any suggestions! I like the exposed stairs, too. Enjoy the weekend at your new place. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures in that area. I also think if you have to stay somewhere for 6 months, that’s the place to be!


      • Maybe run stairs directly against back wall and add full floor, stairs would still be under back window. you could add pony or partial walls around bath area if you want privacy.

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  4. Reading your blog reminded me of a time when I was a young boy and our family moved into an old farmhouse that didn’t have an indoor bathroom. My father took a tractor and pulled an old tool shed along side the house, cut a door where a widow was and built us a bathroom. Anyway I was thinking a bathroom off one side or the other, maybe even cantilevered off the second floor might work. Love reading your blog. Looking forward to see how you solve the problem.

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    • That’s a great story about your dad with the tractor and the old tool shed. How resourceful!! I will think about a bathroom off one side; it could work. I am glad you enjoy my blog. Safe travels, and enjoy the fall!


  5. Very nice transformation. I like the bathroom wall gone. I have never seen a doll house with a bathroom so I would probably not even worry about adding one. You have received so many suggestions from others and that is great. Good luck on making your decisions.

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    • Thank you, Peggy. Yes, I’ve had some good suggestions. At this point, I’ve decided the bathroom wall will definitely stay down, so I plan to repair the stairs and railing next. Still deciding about that bathroom though. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

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    • Thank you, David. That option is a possibility; I have to play with the design of it a bit more in my head. I appreciate your comments! Enjoy your day!


  6. I love dollhouses! I loved it growing up and always wanted to make my own one day. The craft stores have all these tiny realistic products to put in it. You can have anything from an iron to a can of peas. I used to buy those items though I didnt have the dollhouse. What look are you going for? From the pics it looks traditional. Have you considered doing modern? I want to make a dollhouse that is a mansion. 🤤

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    • Ah, a kindred soul! I don’t know why, but I have always liked dollhouses, too. That’s funny, that you bought those items even though you didn’t have a dollhouse. I understand! I am going for a traditional look; I think that’s the style of the dollhouse. Even while I am working on this dollhouse, I am thinking of other ways of doing things for the next time. There is a couple dollhouse groups on facebook. One of them is called, “Dollhouse MIniatures Made from Trash to Treasure & Found Items.” The creativity in there is amazing! I ask them for advice. It does take a lot of time, and at times seems a slow process, but I love doing it and enjoy it very much. The time flies by when I am working on it. I hope you make a dollhouse mansion someday! Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!


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