I Got a …Chiffon de Vadrouille Tres Resistant en Microfibre … Oui Oui!

Calico cat looking at the reader.

That’s not all I got.

I also got a tete de vadrouille plate seche ou humide and a chiffron a poussiere ou de vadrouille en microfibre.

Pretty exciting, eh?

So, here’s what those fancy words translate to:

Wet/dry flat mop head, Microfiber mop pad heavy duty, and Microfiber duster/mop pad
What More You Could Ever Want?

Yep, it’s an exciting new mop system to clean those kitchen floors.

You know, when I first thought of making this post, I wondered, should I really write a post about cleaning the floors? But then, a few of my fellow bloggers, and you know who you are, mentioned getting their floors clean. Some in more detail than others. They had their fancy, shmancy systems. One blogger even had some kind of system controlled by a smart phone app. Nobody mentioned anything even close to the “Betty System.” The “Betty System” is from…. you should know by now . . . the Dollar Tree!

It seems these microfiber mops are all the rage right now. My favorite cleaning product company, Norwex, sells a microfiber mop system for $115. You don’t use chemicals on your floors, just the microfiber mop which is rinsed out as you mop. My Norwex rep, whom I very much appreciate, lent me the system to try before spending the big bucks. I tried it, and it worked okay. To be honest, in addition to the hefty price tag, I felt the mop was also pretty heavy. I am not particularly strong, so others may not have this issue, but it just felt like it took too much effort to push the mop. Now, even though too much effort to mop is a very thin line for me to cross, and I felt if I had the Norwex system, I would mop my floors even less. Bottom line, $115 seemed like a lot of money to spend to not mop the floors. I can do that for free.

Spray Mop at Aldi’s

Today, when I went to my other favorite store, Aldi’s, I noticed another microfiber mop system for sale! See, I told you, it’s all the rage right now. This system was $12.99. I did not buy it because I had already spent my $5 for the Dollar Tree system. I really wouldn’t have had to spend $5 either. I spent two dollars extra – one for the really thick pad for dusting and a second dollar to get a duplicate standard pad for mopping. Probably didn’t need that duplicate.

The most important thing about any of these products is how they work. Are they effective? Are they easy to use? Could you act like Tom Sawyer and say you are having a blast using it and that way, get somebody else to do the mopping for you?

Well, in my home, Dan is just too darn smart for that Tom Sawyer trick again, and the only other one in our home is the cat. And a cat is NOT gonna mop the floor, so I guess it’s just up to me to give the review.

The Dollar Tree mop system was very easy to use. The mop handle is very light as it is hollow metal which I could probably even bend. Who knows why I am even thinking about bending a mop handle, but the important thing is I could mop easily. Now, I did use some Awesome cleaner (also from the Dollar Tree) which I sprayed on the floor (using a Dollar Tree spray bottle). I let the cleaner set a bit, then I mopped, rinsed the microfiber pad, and went over it again.

Flat mop head.

I did not peel the microfiber pad off the mop head (as it is attached with velco) each time I rinsed. Rather, I used the back of a large hair brush (also purchased at Dollar Tree) to push the water out of it as I was rinsing it under the kitchen sink faucet. This system worked easily, and I had lots of dirty water coming out of that microfiber pad. Which is really odd as I just mopped a few days ago! Ha ha ha. Just kidding. If you believed that, I have some swamp land down in Florida I’d like to sell you.

Since, as I understand it, you can simply use water with microfiber mops, I also mopped our two bathroom floors with only water. At this point, Dan was so surprised, I thought he was having the “big one. ” Once I realized he was fine, I told him, “Just pull yourself together, Buddy. I’m expecting a lot this Christmas with all of this mopping I’m doing.”

My Dollar Tree mops using only water worked just fine on the bathroom floors. Again, the water was really dirty even without the Awesome cleaner, which again is really odd as I just mopped them two days ago. Ha ha again!

Now I tried a bit of dusting the baseboards with the microfiber duster/mop pad. I am not really sure how well this worked. My guess is the Norwex microfiber system works much better. However, you can’t really tell unless you get down real low, close to the baseboards, and other than our cat being down that low, that’s just not gonna happen.

At this point, all my mopping is done, and I am happy with our clean kitchen floors. Time to get to get busy on my Christmas list!

Kitchen floor.


    • Thank you, Julia. A microfiber system using just water would work perfect in an RV. I was also thinking of using the microfiber mop with just water to clean the outside, too. I anticipate there would have to be frequent rinsing; although, I haven’t tried this yet. Sounds like a spring project to me. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ah the joys of mopping a floor. Love your post. Just got done doing ours with the steam mop. I give it a “B”. Floor is clean, real clean but now nothing slides as it used to. Time to rethink what I’m doing. Maybe just put down a lot of “throw rugs”? Or maybe I should have gone to Dollar Tree first and bought the “Approved Betty System” for clean floors. Have a great week.

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    • Well, at least it got clean. I’ve wondered about those steam mops. Good thing we have so many other things in our lives to think about rather than just clean floors! Stay safe, and have a great week, too!


  2. I love microfiber clothes and use them for everything. Even putting wax on furniture after I paint it. I just have to remember to wash them separately according to what I’ve used them for. I never thought about using it on the floor, but may try it. With a house full of dogs there is a lot of mopping going on all the time! Thanks, Betty!

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  3. Lol, I actually really like the dollar tree. I have saved insane amounts of money there over the years. Car freshners, cleaning products, laundry detergent, name it and I’ve bought it. They currently have an Ajax detergent that works great. It is the equivalent of getting the $20+ Tide for only $5. I stock up everytime I go.

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    • Who doesn’t love the Dollar Tree! Yes, I’ve saved a lot of money, too. I enjoy their seasonal decorations. I will have to keep an eye out for that Ajax detergent. What a good deal! Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

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