Let the Shopping Begin!

Camper Christmas ornament

In the spirit of the holiday season, I thought I’d share with you some of the RV-related gifts Dan and I have received since we purchased our travel trailer. Please note: there are NO affiliate links in this post. Just pictures and comments. Maybe it’ll give you ideas for someone you know.

Happy Campers sign customized with our names, Betty and Dan

This was, I believe, the first RV-related gift we received, and we loved it! Not only is it personalized, but the light on top is solar which gives the sign a nice twinkle at night. I recently added the “www.ChambersontheRoad.com” piece at the bottom. The sign is a bit heavy, so we do store is carefully. We proudly set it out on every trip.

Happy Campers mat personalized with our names, Dan and Betty

Another personalized gift we loved. This one goes right inside our camper door. It kind of tickles me that you can guess which side of the family the gift came from by looking to see whose name is listed first. Either way, we love them both! The mat does catch a lot of dirt, so I do wash it carefully every so often.

Camping chair

Love, love, love this chair! We actually were gifted two, so Dan and I both have a spot to sit and rest. These chairs rock just a bit and are oh, so comfortable. It must look that way, too, as fellow campers will often ask us where we got them. These chairs are a bit heavy, so we wouldn’t carry them off to concerts or outside movies (perhaps we could roll them in a wagon.) We put them outside our camper every trip, and enjoy them while reading a book, sipping a soda, having a conversation, or just enjoying the pretty view but always thinking, “Man, this is just great!”

Happy Campers towel personalized with our names, Betty and Dan
This is a high quality towel,
not like my usual from the Dollar Tree.
2 coffee mugs which look like campers
So cute! Perfect for hot chocolate!
Pillow with a colorful camper
Perfect Pillow
Camper ornament
From our nice neighbors, Bill and Connie.
Roast 'Em forks for campfires
These store small,
perfect for travel trailer people who love roasted marshmellows, like I do.
Little camper
Just a little decoration for our home.
I’ve got some plans for this in 2021,
but you’ll have to read the blog to find out!

We’ve also gotten some of those lights you hang outside your camper. However, those are stored in the trailer, and I didn’t have the idea to write this post the last time we left the trailer. So, you’ll just have to use your imagination on this one.

Lastly, we’ve gotten gift certificates for state parks. And while we love all the gifts above, we really love our experiences when we are out and about in our travel trailer. This gift is a top choice!

What about you? What are some of your favorite RV gifts? What is something you’d like? What don’t you want? Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments below.


    • Well now, if one of our kids reads this comment, we may well end up with a pink flamingo on Christmas morn. Thanks a lot, Suzassippi. Yep, thanks a whole lot. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post, and enjoy your day!

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  1. I like the little throw pillow and the Christmas ornament the best, Betty. Also, since I am neutral and from neither side of your family, may I suggest that Betty and Dan flows more freely off the tongue than Dan and Betty. Ha, Ha!

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  2. Such wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing. I’m leaning toward the small little trailer at the end as being my favorite. And now I’ll be waiting with eager anticipation to discover what you have in mind for it. As to the gifts we’ve received, you really have me thinking as to what is my favorite. We have chairs for outside, special travel mugs, throw rugs that keep our feet off the cold tile floor in the morning, lots and lots of turtle ornaments, and just recently a new pair of head phones so I can listen to jazz on the computer without disturbing anyone. And there is so much more it would take me hours to list it all. Anyway, have a great weekend. And dream away of all the trips to come in the trailer with your really neat gifts.

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    • Now, you didn’t say your favorite. My guess is your favorite is likely to be whatever gift you’re currently enjoying at the moment. You have many wonderful gifts; however, there must be a story with have lots of turtle ornaments…? Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!


  3. The turtle is sort of my mascot, reminds me that you never get anywhere in life unless you are willing to stick your head out of your shell and go boldly in new directions

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    • Thank you. What could be better than gift certificates for camping and new adventures?! I think everyone is going to be really happy to see 2021! Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day tomorrow!


  4. Those are adorable! The sign is great, you should put a picture of it at the end of your blog posts.
    I think what would be great is a ceramic picture frame that makes it look like you are in a trailer in the photo. I found one on Amazon.

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  5. Last year for Christmas our kids got us microfiber bath towels, an outdoor floor mat, and a backpack picnic basket. All of them came in handy and were used extensively this summer. Mostly, I like the gifts from yours truly. That guy seems to know exactly what I need.

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    • Those are good gifts! I was considering purchasing microfiber bath towels, but I wasn’t sure it was worth the cost. I’ve never heard of a backpack picnic basket! Glad your yours truly knows exactly what you need. It can be hard to know what to give someone, but it sounds like those you love are in the know!


  6. These are fabulous gifts, Betty! Last winter was our first full winter in our motorhome, so we haven’t really added any seasonal decor to it yet. Sadly, due to Covid, it’s parked for this winter, as we can’t cross the border to winter south again this year. Many great ideas here for 2021 (fingers crossed)

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    • Thank you! We live in St. Charles, Missouri, so our travel trailer is wintered in late October until March. March will be here quickly. I am hopeful for the vaccine, and that we will all be traveling again in the new year.

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