Christmas and Camping?

Small bookshelf with camper, snowmen and Christmas tree decorations
Inside Decorations

Do you have the Christmas spirit? I do! We have been decorating our home – inside and out! This year, we are welcoming all the little campers in the neighborhood. Hope they are having fun, like I am!

We also have some outdoor decor.

Outside holiday mini camper light it
Outside Decorations

Now, just in case you’re thinking I’ve forgotten what Christmas is all about, we do have this:

Ornament wreath with snow people couple hugging in the middle

Better? No?

Okay, I know. Just messin’ with ya. I haven’t forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. How about this decoration?

Carved wooden nativity set

This wooden nativity set was carved by my dad and was a surprise gift for me. One day, he said I have something I want to show you. So, we went downstairs, and he gave it to me! I was really surprised. It was so beautiful. I loved it then, and now it is one of my most treasured possessions.

He carved it in 1984. He modeled it after a ceramic set my parents put out every Christmas for as long as I can remember. My mom still has some of the pieces from that original set.

The stable was made by my mom’s father, who knows how many years ago. This is the stable my parents used for their display. I don’t usually ask for things, but in a moment of courage, a few years ago, I asked my mom if I could have the stable. I’m glad I did.

I like how the donkey’s ears are staggered. (See above picture.) You can see my dad’s sense of humor in the camel’s eyes. The angel’s halo is made from a washer, but all the rest is carved by him. The angel’s book says, “NOEL.” And each piece is signed and dated by my dad. Just like a real masterpiece.

Close up of camel
Signed piece
Close up of Angel

Now, I did see an interesting picture on Facebook. It was of a camper with the door open. When you looked in, you could see…. the Holy Family! That’s a bridge too far – even for me. Well. I think it is. Probably. Maybe. Well, not this year, at least. Uh, could I think about that?

Happy Camping!

Yikes! What I meant to say was …

Merry Christmas to everybody!



    • Thank you! I’ve noticed a lot of camping themed decorations this year. It’s not really Christmas, but I still really like it. Enjoy the holidays and your day!


  1. Your dad did good job with the carving of the nativity set! My great uncle like to carve, and he used to always say, “The smaller something is to carve, the harder it is to get right.” I assume it’s also easier to make a mistake on a miniature setting.

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    • I don’t know. I’ve never carved wood. I think I remember my dad saying he tried to carve that angel’s halo several times but fail. So, he just used the washer. The set he carved is pretty close to the original set he copied. It’s a treasure to me. Enjoy your day, David.

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  2. Your family is very skilled. With your grandfather building the stable and your father building the rest. What you have there is a treasure.
    I love things made by hand. There will be no other item 100% like it. It makes it even more special.

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    • Yes, you are right; it is very special. I don’t think my grandfather built much. The stable is very simple, but I love its simplicity. My grandfather passed away at 89 in 1982. My dad passed away in 1993. So, both are truly keepsakes. Thanks for reading, and Happy Saturday!!

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  3. The wooden nativity set is so beautiful and such a treasure. Your other Christmas decorations are cute. We tried to purchase a few the other day but either they are so small or so expensive. But thanks to you we now have the Christmas spirit. Enjoy the weekend and the up coming week.

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    • Thank you! Glad you have the spirit! I would imagine Christmas decorations in an RV would be a challenge. Have you thought about Dollar Tree? 😉 Enjoy your day!


  4. The tree is decorated. I finished hanging the outside lights on the eaves yesterday. Christmas music will continue to play in the background until the new year. The welcome arrival of cooler weather brought out the ugly Christmas sweaters. I’d say we found the spirit at our house. I loved reading about the nativity set your dad made. I understand how it is a prized possession. There is no better gift than something handmade from a loved one. A keepsake possibly cherished for generations. Thank you for posting and have a Merry Christmas.

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    • You are in the Christmas spirit! Christmas music will continue to the new year for us, too. Thanks for your comments, and I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a Merry Christmas, too!


  5. The nativity is precious and the memory of your Dad is sweet! I love the little campers – bet the Holy Family wished they had a camper after the journey to Bethlehem! Ha ha.

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