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One of the blogs I follow is an “Advent Blog” coordinated by Marcie Doll of Marble Collegiate Church. I really enjoy these “scheduled moments” of spiritual thought and reflection. Many of the posts feature a musical component which I have found to be very beautiful.

This year and last year, I submitted posts to the Advent Blog. Here are those links, in case you are interested.

2020: A Child’s Christmas

2019: Peace Within

Marcie does a great job coordinating this Advent blog. I just happened to discover this blog last year. Once Advent is over, the blog ends. And, just so you know, I wasn’t contacted, even once, to join their church or make a donation. This is another blog which, in my mind, should have way more followers.


  1. Thank you, Betty, for sharing the links to your posts, and to the blog. The blogging world is interesting–sometimes I read a blog that has many followers (thousands or at least hundreds) and I wonder about the attraction. Some will have many comments and some will have none even though they have many “likes.”

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    • Yes, I don’t get that either. However, I would rather have fewer readers than more followers who don’t read. Clear as mud? 🙂 In any case, either when reading or writing, it’s quality I am after. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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  2. Your story about the Child’s Christmas was sad. I am sure his father was grieving very much. Usually it is the mother that makes Christmas enjoyable for a child. The hurt seemed to be there into late adulthood.

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    • Yes, the story is very sad. The only thing I think that can give some relief to the sorrow is to try to make something good come out of it. I think you are right about the mother’s role in Christmas. That’s been my experience! Hope you have a good day!

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  3. Thank you sharing. And for reminding us all “I can’t erase that dark time in the past or change how sad it makes me when I think about it more than ninety years later. But I can lighten another’s heart by reaching out to someone who could use a little giving” That last sentence says it all. It’s time for all of us in these dark times “to pay it forward”. Thank you for “kicking me in the rear” and sending me forth to find a way to do this. You’re the best.

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    • Well, it wasn’t meant to be “kick in the rear”, rather just a gentle nudge for those with a heart to do so. Thanks for having a heart! Enjoy your day tomorrow!


  4. An Advent blog is a nifty idea. During Advent we really should focus our blogs on Jesus amd gratitude. The whole holiday is about Him after all. However, I wouldn’t want to just stop there. I would do the same for every holiday. It has the potential to go far in self-improvement and Christianity as a holiday blog.

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    • I agree, holiday blogs have a lot of potential. I do like the Advent blog though as it has a specific time frame. Since I know it is only for a limited time, I make sure to take advantage of it every day. Have a good day!

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