Easy Peasy Pillows

Two Christmas pillows in front of fireplace.  One pillow has a poinsettia, and one has a french horn.

This is the easiest Christmas project ever. Which is good, given that Christmas is almost here.

Even though this project is so darn easy, it looks great. So, here’s how I made these beautiful pillows:

First, I took four placemats which had been sitting unused in our basement. These will make two pillows.

Next, I used hot gorilla glue and glued three sides. The “gorilla glue” is key here. Regular hot glue won’t be strong enough. Don’t worry if the placements don’t exactly match up in size. I just put the larger one in the back, which gives the pillow a nice edging.

Two placements on the table.  One is the poinsettia, and one is a design with six smaller poinsettias and some gold scrolls in the middle.
Two placemats with three sidesglued and a pillow cut open for stuffing.

Next, stuff the pillows. I used an old pillow which we had in the basement. The key here is to stuff it as stuffed as you can get it. Lastly, glue the fourth edge, and you are done! Based on the placemats I had, I made two different pillows with matching backs.

I didn’t have to buy anything for this project. I used some placemats that had been sitting in the basement for years. I’m not even sure where I got them – probably a garage sale or Goodwill. I also used old pillows that had outlived their normal use, but somehow had escaped being thrown out. I already had the gorilla hot glue and glue gun.

This kind of project really appeals to me. I don’t need to accumulate more stuff; however, I took stuff I already had and made something new which I really like. I don’t need a ton of pillows, but having a few adds a nice cozy, seasonal touch to our home.

I am already thinking of making pillows for other seasons – should I happen upon some placemats I like. The pillows turned out so nice, they would make good gifts. These would be perfect for a young couple just starting out or for a gift exchange. And I think this is a project an older child could do with help – just be careful as the glue gets pretty hot.

I hope you enjoyed this project, and I hope you are enjoying this holiday season!

Two matching pillows in front of the fireplace.


    • Thank you. It wasn’t my idea. I saw it on one of the Dollar Tree cult Facebook groups, and realized I had all the makings. I thought of your outside activities and thought about outdoor pillows. But not sure they make outdoor placemats…..Enjoy your day!

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