A Christmas Gift for You!

Merry Christmas! Now, whether or not you celebrate the Christmas holiday, please accept my winter holiday wishes for you. I wish you and your loved ones all that is good in life and a Happy Holiday season filled with love and cheer!

My gift for all you, my dear readers, is a new feature on my blog. This feature will be entitled “Friday Funnies.” So, every Friday, beginning today and through 2021 will feature a photograph with a few words or sentences which I hope will bring a laugh or more likely, probably just a tiny bit of a smile.

You’ll likely see Dan in many of the photos. After all, he is with my most available subject. I also ask for grace as humor is hard, and everyone’s sense of it is different. I’m only committing to Friday Funnies for one year. I plan to continue to write two posts per week and continue my Wordless Wednesdays. We’ll see how it goes!

My hope is to make your day just a little bit brighter. Not all of the pictures will have been taken recently. I’ve been taking silly pictures for years, and now I have something to do with them! I hope you enjoy! And now to begin….

Friday Funnies!

Dancing pink pig


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