Goodbye, Alex

Picture of Alex Trebek's book: The answer is... Reflections on My Life

Do you like Jeopardy? Dan and I like it very much, and we watch it most days, missing only once in a while for some reason or another. As you likely know, this week the last Jeopardy shows Alex hosted will be broadcast. We won’t be missing any shows this week.

Alex died on November 8th, 2020. He was 80 years old. Just the day before, I had thought, I haven’t heard anything about Alex lately, I guess he is doing okay. But the next day, the news came. I felt so sad. But then, it was kind of odd still watching him on new Jeopardy shows. My head knew he was gone, but my heart didn’t.

I had seen an interview with Alex back in October. In the interview, he talked about the autobiography he had recently written. I bought Alex’s book for Dan for Christmas. I don’t buy many books these days, but I bought this one. First, because we love Alex and the Jeopardy show. Second, because it is so darn hard to think of gifts to get Dan. Third, because I could read it, too. But mostly, I bought it because of something Alex said in the interview. He said while thinking about writing the autobiography he thought, “Hey, I could do a lot of good with this.” He then went on to say the money would all go to charity.

I finished reading the book last night. I wanted to have read it before going into the last week of shows. And because I knew I wanted to write this post. The book was an enjoyable, easy read. I found it to be interesting with some tidbits about his life, the show, his family, his travels, and his philosophy. I also found his humor and his humility on those pages. The book was comfortable, just like Alex.

In one part of the book, Alex talks about the show. He talks of the variety of subjects and of the difficulty of those subjects. He mentions it gives everyone a chance to shine at some point. This rang true with me. When Dan and I watch, we call out the questions – i.e. the answers. Sometimes I won’t say anything, the contestant will give the answer, and then I’ll say, “Oh darn, I was gonna say that.” I feel disappointed. Why? Because I missed a chance to shine for Dan.

There’s other interesting parts of the book, but I don’t want to spoil it for you, in case you haven’t read it. But you’ll learn the connection to Wheel of Fortune, you learn of a big change Alex made after the first season, you’ll learn why the contestants answer in questions, and you’ll get a glimpse into Alex’s personality.

Although, there was nothing in that glimpse of Alex’s personality or story that surprised me. It’s just good ole Alex. This week will be bittersweet. And, of course, after Friday, the show will never be the same. How lucky we all have been. And while we say Goodbye to Alex, what he gave us lives on in so many ways. We can even take the best of him and have it live on in ourselves. Thank you, Alex.

Alex Trebek


    • Oh yes, Jeopardy James is a favorite of ours, too! There is a chapter in the book about James. Alex also received some Canadian award, but I wasn’t familiar with it. But it seemed to be quite the honor to him. I’m glad to know you’ll be reading the book. Enjoy your day and the shows this week!

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  1. A very sweet post, Betty. I have not watched Jeopardy in years. I think we often believe we know “the answer” but it all depends on the questions we ask. He has likely left a mark on many people’s lives who know him from his show.

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    • Sometimes I think we believe we know the answer, but we really do not even know the question! Alex had a great life. He also did a lot of work for charity, including World Vision, which I honestly don’t know much about. I plan to learn about that organization. Thanks for reading and responding as you so often do, and enjoy your day!


  2. What a man. He made the show what it was. We watched as much as we could. We had looked forward to watching this final week, but now we can’t. We are in a location where our dish can’t find even one satellite. We hope to be home by Thursday at the latest so we can catch at least the last two shows.

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    • Yes, he was quite a man! We could use more like him. Good luck with your work and getting home. Even if you miss the shows first time around, there are always reruns! Enjoy your day!


    • Thank you. I did not know today was National Trivia Day. How clever I would seem had I known that. 🙂 It was very kind of Alex to take on this project at the end of his life to help others. He was an inspiration in many ways. Enjoy your day tomorrow!


  3. Thanks for this post. I’m inspired to read the book. Further to an earlier comment, Alex Trebek received the Order of Canada award for his achievements in television and the media. Receiving the Order of Canada is similar to receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom in your country. All Canadians loved Alex!

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    • Thanks for telling me about the Order of Canada. I was hoping someone from Canada would shed some light on it for me. Alex is very popular here in the US as well. Our country sure could use more people like him. He was a class act, and he was very caring and generous. I hope you like the book. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day tomorrow!


    • No one will be able to fill his shoes. He or she will have to make his or her own way. I felt sad watching the montage at the end of the show today. He was a great guy and gave a lot to the world. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day tomorrow.


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