Friday Funnies

This picture was taken at 370 Lakeside Park in St. Peters, Missouri. This is a great park near our home in St. Charles, Missouri. It has a lake and offers kayak, canoe, and bicycle rentals. In the summer, there are concerts. There is a 4+ mile paved walking and biking trail. There is also a very nice campground. It’s a great location to visit St. Charles, St. Louis, and nearby Grafton, Illinois.

I sure hope that giant bird lets Dan go, so we can visit there again. Plus I kind of like having him around. Dan that is, not the giant bird.


  1. Thanks for the levity. There is a piece in front of the Museum of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, It’s a bunch of longhorn cattle running. I wish I took a picture of my being chased by them while I had the chance.


    • You’re welcome. That would have been a great picture! We’ve seen Longhorn cattle sculptures in Waco, and darn, I didn’t think of that either! But I will keep your idea in mind…. Enjoy your Friday!

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    • Thanks for the laugh! Sounds like you have some funny photos, too! I started this to give a smile, but I’m getting more laughs back! Enjoy your day, Mary!


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