Friday Funnies


Saturday, January 30th, is this year’s annual St. Charles Fete De Glace. We visited the festival last year and really enjoyed seeing all the ice carvings. You could say, it was a howling good time!

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    • Thank you. All of the artists there were very nice. They were aware and accommodating with all of the picture taking and seemed to genuinely enjoy chatting and hearing the compliments. They brought out the beauty in those ice blocks. I am hoping to go again this year, but don’t tell Dan yet. He hates the cold! Last year, we were told, there were far fewer artists as Covid was just getting underway. So, it’ll be interesting to see what it is like this year. Happy Friday to you, too!


  1. What wonderful ice sculptures. I went back to your blog post from last year and I was in awe. So many beautiful works of art. And the one of the “guy” beside the “wood burning stove” was really unique! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

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    • Yes, that sculpture by the wood burning stove was really unique and frozen! I am in awe of these artists, too. You are welcome, and enjoy your Saturday!


  2. How long do these beautiful pieces last before melting?
    In Canada, many winter festivals feature ice sculptures and contests for attendees to vote for favourites. Too often, dates of these festivals conflict with an annual thaw and the sculptures melt — sometimes before completion. This won’t be a problem this winter as most of us are in lockdown and gatherings are limited to 5 or 10 people. Unfortunately, festivals are cancelled!
    I hope you go to see the sculptures in your town!

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    • I am hoping to go again this year. I am not sure how long they last. Even though it’s just 10 minutes away, once we’ve seen them, we don’t check back. I suspect the sculptures are removed when the festival is over as it is on Main Street. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!


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