1. Simply beautiful. The rugged coast. The contrast in colors of the water. The waves lapping on the shore line. I’m sure this is not looking out your front door!

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    • Ha ha! You are right! I went back in the photos to find something different. I am wondering if any readers will know where this is…. Right now, looking out our front door, I see snow. It does looks pretty, and we aren’t supposed to have more than an inch. Enjoy your Florida day!


  2. Castle Rock

    On the craggy rocks
    Azure ocean foams the shore.
    People under palms.

    It took an hour (off and on today) to try and capture this scene in words.
    I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard on a haiku before.
    I thought my brain was gonna blow a gasket! 🤪

    Beautiful Wordless Wednesday picture!

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    • Cliffs above Tulum
      Where the Mayans once lived
      Now the tourists roam

      Beautiful haiku, David! Love the descriptors – craggy, azure, foams the shore, people under palms. Your efforts paid off big time.

      However, please use caution when writing these haikus! I don’t want you to end up like our Prius. It blew a head gasket, and that was the end of it!

      Thanks as always for your charming additions, and enjoy your day!

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