Friday Funnies

Place with silly face made from food.

My daughter, Talia, stayed with us over the holidays. However, there were days when she still had to “work from home.” One morning when I asked her if there was anything she wanted for breakfast, she replied, “a piece of bacon and a bit of fruit.” Once it was ready, she was already involved an online meeting, so I simply opened the door and set this on a table for her.

Can you guess what she said her favorite part was?

Have you ever made a silly face with food?


    • Thanks, Peggy. She had a good laugh from it – which was great as her job, like many jobs, is sometimes stressful. How lucky we are to be retired and have the time to make faces with food. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Me before my cup of coffee in the morning! But really I love what you did. Now I wonder what I can do to give Barbara a case of the giggles in the morning.

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    • I forgot about sandwich butterflies! My mom often made us pancake bunnies for breakfast.
      I know it was fun for us kids, and I’m sure your kids loved the sandwich butterflies! Enjoy your day!


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