Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower crust pizza from Aldi's.

Want to cut carbs? How about having some pizza? I got the idea from Bill at OntheRoadofRetirement to eat a pizza with a cauliflower crust. He claimed it was delicious, and he couldn’t even tell it wasn’t made with a traditional pizza crust.

Eating a pizza with a cauliflower crust seemed like an easy step I could take on my ever present journey to be healthy. And should I like it, it was a sustainable action. Easy and sustainable are required elements if it’s going to be part of the “Betty Plan.”

Our first attempt was the Margherita Cauliflower Crust Pizza which we bought at one of my favorite stores, Aldi. It cost $5.99. We ate this pizza soon after we bought it. The verdict? Let’s just say, it took a full 22 days before I managed to get Dan to agree to try eating another pizza with a cauliflower crust.

The crust on the Aldi pizza tasted just fine; however, the whole experience would qualify as what I call a “cardboard pizza” meal. It fills your belly, but otherwise, room is left for improvement.

The next week, we saw another cauliflower crust pizza at Aldi’s. This one was in the deli section in a bigger, better cardboard box. It looked like it could be better. For one thing, it wasn’t frozen. There was a pepperoni and a cheese selection. Maybe this would be the pizza that could redeem Bill’s recommendation. I made my case, you know, with the pizza being in a bigger, better box with a lid that even lifts up, not a box that you tear open, PLUS it was refrigerated, not frozen and all that, but …Dan still wasn’t biting.

When I tried to talk Dan into the cauliflower crust pizza in the better box the following week, he asked me if there was a pizza place near us who sold this new type of pizza. You know, a place we could call up, they could cook it and bring it to our home. I took his question to be his way of saying we wouldn’t be bringing this “better box” refrigerated pizza into our home anytime soon. How would I ever write my pizza post? And what about Bill’s recommendation?

Well, Bill. This post is only half done right now; it gets better for you. Your recommendation for a cauliflower crust pizza comes full circle and eventually comes out of the oven as credible. Thanks to ….

Cauliflower crust pizza from Costco.

Costco! Costco is another one of my favorite stores. While shopping there, with a half-written post about pizza hanging out in my head for weeks, I see a frozen cauliflower crust pizza. I’m excited as Costco products are generally high quality in the Betty Book. The only type for sale was the “Roasted Vegetable” which sounds great to me! I love the vegetables! Dan not so much. But I tell him, “Dan, the vegetables are so small, you probably won’t even taste them.” I know, it’s the oldest trick in the book, but it worked! He agreed to put it in our cart.

The CCC (see if you can figure it out because I’m tired of typing it) pizza cost $12.79 for two pizzas. Given the fact that there are two pizzas, and they are slightly bigger than the Aldi version, it really wasn’t any more expensive. And this CCC pizza was absolutely delicious! Dan was happy as I gave him the pieces with fewer vegetables.

So thanks, Bill, for the tip about cauliflower crust pizza. We really appreciate it. I can already feel myself getting healthier. Any other recommendations for us?

Baked cauliflower crust pizza from Costco.
Dinner, anyone?


  1. I enjoyed reading your CCC adventure! Somehow I just can’t do a cauliflower crust pizza, just doesn’t seem fair to pizza! But I do enjoy making mashed cauliflower from time to time and find it just as enjoyable as mashed potatoes. Only problem is that I don’t care for it leftover like I do with the potatoes. Cauliflower is a good, healthy vegetable and I enjoy from time to time – it just has to be disguised a little. I like it raw with homemade ranch dressing, too.

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    • We haven’t eaten cauliflower hardly at all. It seems kind of “hard” to me. I am wondering if more “bread” type food will be made with it. The pizza was really good. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the weekend!

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    • It was really good. We paired it with a salad. I would like to find more low carb recipes with cauliflower, so I will have to research that. But for pizza, I’m just going to stick with Costco. I am also thinking the CCC pizza would be a good thing to bring along in our travel trailer for an easy, quick meal. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

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  2. Maybe my husband will go along for the Califlower crust if I say a friend who shops Costco liked it. He is skeptical too. We do enjoy the Costco frozen cheese pizza after I doctor them up with Canadian bacon, herbs and fresh tomato pieces. Also I drizzle a bit of olive oil over the top. I may “accidentally” pick up the cauliflower crust ones and tell him I didn’t realize what I picked up! Wink Wink.

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    • Your secret is safe with me! And the pizza would be even more delicious after you doctor it up. Sounds so delicious! Thanks for reading, stay warm today, and enjoy your day!


  3. I am one of those who will eat a regular crusted pizza. If I am going to have pizza, I am going to make sure I like it very much. Do not care for califlower – although I have eaten it before – usually raw in a salad.

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    • I understand, and I agree! If I could taste any difference at all, I would not eat it either. I tried making some kind of “bread” with almond flour, and I did not like it at all. Thanks for reading and your comment, Peggy. Enjoy the weekend!

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  4. Wew, the way the post began I thought I was going to have to go into the “pizza protection plan”! Honestly, we have never had a frozen variety of a Cauliflower crust pizza, we always get them freshly made. I’m glad in the end you liked it and now I don’t have to hide from Dan!

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    • Well, we tried to find pizza places near us that had it, and we could not find any. I expect there will be some in the future. I’m glad you don’t have to hide from Dan either! Enjoy your day!


    • Great! That is a good idea to add some more seasonings and toppings. I will have to try that. It’s already very good -like you say, but that will make it taste even better. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Sunday!!

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  5. Great read. I tend to be a bit of a food purist in that, in my world, everything should use the ingredients intended for it. I know many people who enjoy the many ways of using cauliflower as a starch substitute and love it. I know it’s an especially good substitute if you have celiac disease.

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    • I haven’t tried the zoodles (spaghetti squash for noodles) yet. I love zucchini, so I bet I would like this. I’ve seen them in the frozen vegetables section, but I thought the price was high. I also thought about getting a spiralizer for the KitchenAid and making my own. I am glad to know you love these “noodles.” Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

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  6. I ate them for a while but then decided to go back to eating the little Totino’s pizza’s. They are a smaller pizza. I keep one in the freezer for when I have a “pizza attack”. lol. Probably should consider the other again but I like this so stinking much. I need to eat them less frequently but they are often a Saturday mid day go to. I had one today. I would think they would be a nice snack to split in the RV. Compare calories. Seems like the cauliflower also had just as many. Of course the gluten can matter but at least these have a thin crust.

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    • Yes, I am thinking of bringing one along when we are traveling in our travel trailer. We pair it with a salad and call it dinner. I haven’t looked at the calories. You are right; they do count! But, when I reduce my carbs, my weight goes down. Slow. and not a lot . But down. I very much liked the taste of the Costco pizza. Thanks for reading and your comment. Enjoy your Sunday!


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