1. While I’m not a winter person, I always seeing the pattern of the tree branches while without leaves. These pictures are lovely and really capture good perspectives of light and shadow, as well as beauty!

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    • Thank you, Beth. It was about 20 degrees F with no wind and bright sunshine. I wasn’t cold one bit, and I thoroughly enjoyed the walks.
      Warm gloves make a huge difference, too. But I had to take one glove off to take the pictures, and then my fingers got so cold even with just with the few pictures I took. However, reading your comments make it all worthwhile! Enjoy your day!

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  2. Exquisite. Love #3. I like to focus on the row of houses, and the rest of my eye simultaneously sees the tree limbs and the shadow make it interesting. Now about resting on that bench, would that be the polar opposite of being “in the hot seat”?


    • Thank you! I like how the shadows fall down the hill; although, I am not sure that effect came through. I had a little fun seeing if anyone would comprehend the total effect of sitting on that bench. Congrats to you! Enjoy your day!

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    • Ha ha. Maybe you can post your shadow from a bridge picture and the others as well. Your pictures do inspire me to get outside even if it’s cold and especially if it’s snowy! Enjoy your Sunday!

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    • Thank you, Peggy. I kept hearing that song “Moon Shadow” by Cat Stevens in my head all day. Too close to “Tree Shadow”, I guess. I never really paid attention to tree shadows until now. But they are beautiful! Enjoy your Sunday!

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  3. Thanks for sharing. I, again, love the site of snow but always from a distance – like several states away from it! The bench is the best, I sure do need a place to just sit and rest. And reflect on what life really means. I guess you can guess that after yesterday I’m in a reflective mood. Happens I guess when you are brought face to face with your own mortality. Enjoy your day.

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    • I am sorry you are going through this. But you got this! You’ve done your research, found an expert team of medical professionals who know what they are doing. You are in the right place. You are in my daily prayers. It’s a good idea to reflect – and to listen for the Lord. Enjoy your Sunday.


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