• Well, I am looking at two side gates and none for the main gate. Am I seeing it wrong? It’s a great photo and a great gate, I scratched my noggin on no main gate I guess for security purposes. I also just got to my desk computer and noticed the sign. I love the history and now can see it to read it. I could not see it on my darn phone.

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        • Oh that’s okay. I appreciate your reply. It’s an historical gate in a park. The road leads to an overlook over the Mississippi. I’m glad you can see it better on your desk computer. I always hope I pick a good “Wordless Wednesday”, but it’s a crap shoot sometimes! Thanks for looking at it and your comment. Enjoy your day!


    • Thank you. These gates lead to an overlook of the Mississippi River. The park is Jefferson Barracks County park in St. Louis County, MO. I love this historical park and its walking trail.

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      • We’ve been through St Louis a few times over the years. Sadly, these visits were just passing through. I’ve always wanted to stop at the Gateway Arch. Now, I also want to walk the trail in the Jefferson Barracks County Park! My bucket list includes walking as many trails as possible as long as I’m able 😊

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        • We have lots of great trails in our area. We are lucky in that way. We also do a lot of walking when we travel. It a great way to see places – plus it’s free and good exercise! My uncle walked 3 times a day until his final days. He lived until he was 95. He was healthy until then and no issues with dementia. He got a stomach hernia and refused surgery. That was his decision. Sorry for the side track, just a plug for life long walking !! But I know, I’m preachin’ to the choir here!

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