Friday Funnies and 100 Years Ago

One hundred years ago today on March 5th, 1921, my dad was born in Comstock Park, Michigan. It is very fitting that my dad is featured in my Friday Funnies as one of his best features was his great sense of humor. My dad also had a hobby of wood carving, and he made a number of carvings in his early retirement years. My Friday Funnies is a picture of wood carving he made of and for his brother, my Uncle Harold.

Please note: While I do have some of my dad’s wood carvings, this post just features pictures of these carvings. I don’t have all these carvings, simply a photo book with pictures of them all. And I am very glad to have that.

My dad always wanted to visit Alaska. He never made it, but he did bring Alaska to some of his carvings. The totem pole below was in our backyard for years. I know my dad researched totem poles before he made it, but I don’t remember any of the symbolism. I do remember our yard was filled with flowers and landscaping designed and maintained by my dad. People often stopped to admire and to compliment.


Growing up, we often visited parks and went hiking. Here are more of his carvings inspired by his love of nature.

Anybody know
what kind of fish this is?

My dad worked hard to support our family of six children. I was glad he lived long enough to see his grandchildren, including my daughter, Talia, who is about three years old in the picture below. Along with her are a couple of toys he carved for her.

So, Happy Birthday, Dad! We remember and we thank you for all you gave us: our lives, our faith, our love of nature, our love of parks, Michigan, creativity, and your sense of humor.


    • You’re welcome. These are just pictures of my dad’s carvings, but I do have some – including a beautiful nativity set. And yes, they are treasures! Thanks for your comment, and enjoy your day!

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    • Happy Friday to you, too! I wonder what they will treasure, too, but I guess that is not for us to know. Hopefully, what will last are our best qualities! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the weekend!


  1. What beautiful carvings. Such precious memories. The toys he made for your daughter. Your Dad must have been one amazing man. So glad you have all of the cravings to remember him by. I still have one picture of my Dad and myself on our refrigerator door that I will never get rid of because of the memories it brings back. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

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    • Thank you! However, just to clarify, I do not have these carvings – what I posted are pictures. I do have a little photo book of all his carvings, and I am glad to have that! I probably should have made that clearer. Most of the carvings he made were gifts, and hopefully the intended – or their family still have the carving(s). I do have some carvings – like my nativity set. He was very talented and was completely self-taught. Glad you still have the picture of your dad and all those good memories Do you remember the Bible quote – something like, “Honor your Father and your Mother and you shall be granted a long life.” My Grandma used to quote that, and she lived until 98. Thanks for reading and your comment. And yes, enjoy the weekend!


  2. Beautiful carvings and wonderful memories! Your Dad did a very good job on the totem pole. We visited Alaska several years ago, and enjoyed the many totem poles we saw there. We even visited a place where we saw one being carved in preparation for the Winter Olympics in BC, Canada. It’s quite the process, even for those who have been carving them all of their lives!

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      • It truly was a magical place to visit! I can close my eyes and still smell what I believe must be the cleanest air on earth! I’ve misplaced your email addy. If I had it, and if you’re interested, I could send you a photo of that totem pole in progress that we saw while we were there

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          • Our visit was a 10 day cruise. It all depends on what you want to see. Some things, like the Hubbard Glacier (which is amazing) can only be seen via cruise ship. We did land tours in every port and saw much of the countryside that way. We also did a train tour on one of the port stops and again saw countryside you wouldn’t see via any other way. Quite some time ago, I posted to my blog about the White Pass Yukon Route train excursion. It’s still there if you look back 😊. We have good friends who went a couple of yrs ago via travel trailer and they loved that too. I guess it’s personal preference 😊

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  3. Your dad was a great carver! He was entirely self-taught? I think the toys he made for your daughter Talia are my favorite. The Amish make wooden children’s toys (usually not painted) that are also of superb quality. Kids get to actually use their imagination while playing, and batteries are never needed. Maybe you and Dan could take trip up through Amish country someday? I would love to read your account of the adventure!

    The final picture with the backside of the donkey that says, “The end”, is a fine piece of Betty humor. 🥸

    Blessings to you, Dan and family.

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    • Yes, he was entirely self-taught – in several ways. His formal education ended with high school. For many years, he repaired radios and then televisions for a living. (Back when they had tubes!) He could draw and paint and fix electronics. He also finished our basement, and he played the organ. I can’t draw at all or play music, but I probably got some of my sense of humor from my dad. 🙂 I would very much like to visit Amish country. I’ve been “around” many Amish areas and eaten their food as well. However, I would like a more “in depth” visit at some point. I know they make quality wooden products. Thanks for reading and your comment, and I hope you enjoy the weekend!

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    • Thanks! Yes, my dad was very creative. Everything was self-taught. And that was before Youtube! He could draw anything. My sister got that talent. I am grateful that he inspired my love of creativity. Have a good week!


      • Hi. You’re welcome. Under your Friday Funnies today, there were some related posts. Clicking on those led to more posts. One was of your daughter in a funny hat and a link of her singing. Under that post, I think it listed this one. I just kept clicking through and reading. ❤️ Oh cool, thanks. I’ll read your link now. Thank you.

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