An RV Journey Continues


Do you remember the Franks? I featured Brandy and Eric, our neighbors down the block and around the corner, in a post on June 15, 2020.

Back then, even though they already had a popup camper, they rented a Class C to take to the Smokey Mountains. They wanted a bathroom in their camper, especially since they had a young son. We wondered how they’d like the popup after this trip in the Class C. Turns out after they got back, they talked about upgrading their popup in about 5 years.

We also noticed after they returned from their trip in a Class C, they had a brand new pick up truck! (We’re not really that nosy; we just walk a lot.) We wondered if they had moved up their plans to upgrade their camping accommodations. We learned they had bought just the truck for now. They were still considering future options.

Next thing we know, on January 14th, 2021, they had a second child. Another son. Such a cute little guy! How did that happen? Well, we know how it happened, it just happened so fast. Time can go by so quickly, especially in hindsight.

Then in early March, we saw a teardrop camper parked in front of their house. What? Did they buy a teardrop – with two children? Well, I guess they are thinking the kids are little? It was one of the larger teardrop campers, maybe it’ll work for a while? It just seemed too odd to be true. Nothing against teardrops.

Well, it wasn’t true. Turned out, the teardrop camper belonged to their neighbors across the street.

Making Memories.

But we did find out they are selling their popup. Because they are planning, in about one year, to purchase a hybrid. Something called a “Shamrock.” Kind of goes along with this being March, doesn’t it?

In my original post, this family had planned on upgrading in about five years. Now, nine months and one baby later, they are saying they will purchase a new travel trailer in about one year. They want to visit the National Parks, and they are already planning to visit Colorado in Summer 2022.

I am happy and excited for them. A new family. Lots of love. Lots of adventures waiting to happen and memories to be made.

I’m excited because I know how wonderful camping can be. Nothing beats hitting the road with our travel travel and seeing new places, making new adventures, finding new friends, seeing this beautiful country of ours. But . . . similar to what I said in my first post about them . . . Do you think they will wait one year? Maybe I should start a pool. Anybody want a square?

Happy Campers sign with lake in the background.

I say, why wait. Do it as soon as you are responsibly able. Time can go by so quickly, especially in hindsight. After all, there are memories to be made.


  1. Life is short indeed! Your post reminded me of 5 years with a pop up trailer in the early 80s when our son was young. We travelled through most of Canada and made wonderful memories! Too soon weekends were filled with sports — games, tournaments and sports camps. We sold the trailer but kept the good memories! I hope your neighbours don’t wait too long!

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    • I am glad you have such good memories. I hope they don’t wait too long either. Btw, I sent you a comment in your about section. Enjoy your day!


  2. Great post!
    We got the camping big bad a few weeks ago and booked camping reservations at least once per month from March-Sept. We are super excited and a little nervous that we might’ve overdone it!!
    We’re headed to Death Valley National Park this month!

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  3. I too agree. We are starting to plan our camping trips. Thinking of our longest trip yet, Hot Springs! Let your neighbors know that we love our hybrid, but we are looking to upgrade also (boys are get bigger and we need more room); therefore ours is for sale.
    Love reading your posts, thanks for sharing.

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    • Hi Julie! Send me a link, if you have one, and I will pass it on. I would love to hear about your trips – and your future plans. It seems like you just bought that Roo – Times does march on! Thanks for reading, and have a good week!


  4. Yes, life is way too short. Now is the time to seize the moment and begin making memories that will last a lifetime. That’s why though we may now own a home we’re not about to stop traveling this great land of ours. We have many more miles to go and places to see. Have a great week.

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  5. You echo my thoughts. Why wait? Get out and explore this beautiful country. But that is easier said than done, especially for a young family. It is a lot of work camping with young children. I remember the struggles. With two weeks of vacation per year and a very limited budget, we spent our time camping with our family. First in a tent, then in a pop-up, and eventually in a hybrid. I remember tent camping with a bundled up 4 week old in near freezing temperatures. As you know, we were young and dumb. Now, with the luxury of many years of hindsight, I wish Grammi and I had done more of it. The memories created are priceless and worth every bit of the struggles.

    As for the Franks, it will depend on their mindset. Will they wait until they have the perfect camper and all the accessories, in which case it may take longer than a year, or will they “just do it” and figure it out as they go. In that case they could leave tomorrow.

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    • You are absolutely right about it being harder for a young family – little children, budget, limited time off. There are some perks to getting older! I suspect this young family will go sooner rather than later, but that’s just my guess. I am so glad spring is just about here, and we will be setting off to explore soon! Thanks for reading, safe travels, and enjoy your day!


      • I love the article Betty!! Well done and I can tell you my 3 year old ALREADY looks through our RV magazine and says “We need this one, and this one.” Your are right…we may not make it a year!

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  6. We love every opportunity we have to go camping in our motorhome! We’re currently planning another 6-8 week tour of our province for this summer. We did that last summer and discovered places we had never been as well as so many others we want to check out. So many times last summer, we both said that we’ve travelled all over North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and even a bit of South America and we had never even checked out our own back yard. Your post made me even more excited for camping season to arrive! As for your neighbours, I can’t venture a guess regarding their next camper purchase. There are just so many unexpected variables in life that come into play. Have a great day!

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    • I look forward to reading your posts when you are traveling your province! It’s nice to hear my post made you even more excited for camping season to arrive. I have barely been into Canada, but I do hope to travel there in the future. So, I will read your posts with that thought in mind. And you are right about unexpected variables in life. We have 8 trips planned for 2021. I have wondered how many will need to be changed because of one reason or another. I guess that makes us appreciate when we can go even more! Have a great week!

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  7. They will have one before the baby is out of diapers! Our popup was great, like tent camping but a step up. We did add and air conditioner due to the Texas summer heat!

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    • I do have to admire anyone who camps with such young children – and especially with one still in diapers! They will have so many memories, some of which I am sure they will laugh at later! Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

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  8. I am learning a lot about the different types of campers from reading your blog! You’re right, life is short. My husband and I were just talking tonight about how he used to think about life in decades, then it was years, and now he just concentrated on the quality of daily life.

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    • Making each day the best it can be, day by day, is a great way to live. Those days add up to years, and the years, decades. 🙂 Enjoy your day!



    We just purchased our 2021 Flagstaff Shamrock and we are excited!!! Bad news is that EVERYTHING is on backorder so we won’t see it until Christmas.

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    • That is awesome!!! I am so excited for you all. Who did you order from? You can be making reservations for 2022 soon – or even now! Wonderful memories will be made!!! Congratulations!!!


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