Friday Funnies

August 23, 2019
Grant’s Farm – St. Louis, MO

This guy can be found at Grant’s Farm in south St. Louis County in Missouri. Grant’s Farm is one of many fun places to visit in the St. Louis area. It is currently closed due to Covid, but I am hoping it and many other places will soon be open again.

The last time Dan and I visited, we took a tram tour of the property. During the tour, a number of buffalo blocked the road, and we just had to wait for them to move along. Kind of like we’ve all had to do with this Covid pandemic.


    • Yes, sometimes you just gotta wait for the road to clear or the gates to raise. 🙂 And yes, that goat does almost look human. I feel like the goat reminds me of some people I’ve seen, though no one specifically. Vaccine – Matter of fact, I have a vaccine appointment for tomorrow. Missouri is supposed to open up to anyone as of April 1. Hope they aren’t fooling! Enjoy your day, too! And thank you, David, for reading and your comment.

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  1. We went to Grants Farm when my daughter did a college tour is St Louis. My funny photo from there is the one they took of us at the end of the tour. It was a green screen and I was wearing a green shirt so it is my wife, my daughter, and my floating head

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