Cell Phone Catastrophe!

It all started when I reached into my pocket for a mask. Dan and I were going into a store. As I pulled out the mask, my cell phone hit pavement with a loud, crack! The screen shattered, and in the upper right hand corner, there now was a rainbow made up of many thin vertical lines. There were other lines, too, and the brightness of the screen varied. Later, the rainbow stripes looked blotchy, looking as if it had bled black in that area. It wasn’t a pretty site.

Even so, I tried using my phone. It worked a little bit, like maybe two percent of the time. The rest of the time, the phone seemed to be possessed by the devil. I would try to do something, anything, and it would flash all kinds of screens in a frantic frenzy. At one point, all on its own, it searched Google for “xx;iuas;ejnr;owueajd.” Can you believe it found a million hits? (joke there, ha ha) If I don’t laugh, I will cry. That phone cost $400, and I just got it two months ago.

Why I kept it on and carried it with me while we finished our errands only speaks to the high degree us humanoids have become addicted to these little rectangular devices. I had hopes. Maybe a text would get through. Maybe I’d hear a “like” on my WordPress post. Maybe I would get a Facebook notification of something that doesn’t really matter anyway. “Maybe” didn’t happen. Yet, I still continued to keep the phone with me.

Once we got home from our errands, we found a cell phone repair shop – i.e. a cell phone hospital. The shop didn’t have emergency room hours, so we had to wait until the next morning when it opened. It was already late afternoon. The rest of the day passed quickly, and before long it was bedtime. I put my phone on the night stand next to where I sleep as I usually do. However, even with all its demonic shenanigans, my phone wasn’t tired. I had to lay it face down; yet, it still glowed. Apparently, it didn’t want to be ignored.

The new day dawned, and with it, the hope of return to normal life. Right after breakfast, Dan and I were off to the cell phone store. The GPS on his phone took us right there. Once inside, we joined a line of several others who were just like me. They were in the club. The club of people who had dropped their cell phones. It’s a very exclusive club, you know; you have to pay a lot of money to join. However, even though there was a line, the man and woman who worked there, got to us before very long at all.

The man said I needed a new screen. When we expressed doubt that a new screen would fully exorcise the demons from my phone, the man explained in technical detail, something about the three parts of a screen, and why a new screen would work the miracle. Dan and I nodded in agreement, not really knowing what the heck he was talking about, but, hey, he seemed nice.

He told us to call him tomorrow if we hadn’t heard from him by noon. Of course, we would be making that call with Dan’s phone. As we left the shop, the man said, “Enjoy your quiet day.” How’s he know my day is going to be quiet, I thought. Oh yea, no cell phone.

Me Without My Cell Phone

I did make it through the rest of the day, though not without withdrawal symptoms. Dan would ask me what time it was. I couldn’t look at my phone; I had to find, you know, a microwave. Or a clock. When the house got colder, I couldn’t use my Nest app. I had to actually stand up, turn around and adjust that round thing on the wall. I couldn’t echo my mom; I had to call her and talk to her without a visual. I couldn’t ask Google how to spell a word when writing a post or one of my insightful comments. When we were away from our house, I kept absentmindedly touching my pocket which is what I do to make sure I still have my phone and haven’t left it somewhere by accident. I looked like I was tapping to the beat of some music.

And the weirdest of all, when Dan asked if I wanted to take a walk, I debated if I really wanted to go. After all, my Pacer app would not be counting my steps. No person or thing would know about my steps – except my body. What good was that? My brain overruled my heart, and I took the walk – even though that step count is lost forever.

I do have to say as the day went on, my withdrawal symptoms lessened, and I did begin to feel calmer. However, the new found peace was not so great that it kept me from picking up my repaired cell phone the next day. As soon as I could.

Is there a lesson in all this? Maybe it’s this. Remember how I mentioned I had just bought my phone two months ago? Well, because I listen to Clark Howard, I knew that some credit cards provide damage protection for purchases for some length of time after the purchase. I checked, and my Citibank card does provide that protection for 120 days. Good thing I dropped my phone when I did!

I’ve already filed a claim. I followed through right away and sent the required copies of the original receipt, the cost of the repair and the photos of the damage. I don’t count my money until it’s in the bank, but all signs point to GO on this one. I’ll update the post once I know the result; I am supposed to learn the status of my claim in two weeks.

There may be other lessons as well. Like, put my mask in a different pocket than my cell phone. Maybe get away from my phone once in a while. But whatever. We are all human. I’m not gonna worry about it too much, maybe just try to be a bit more careful. Do you have any cell phone horror stories? Send me a text or email. Ha ha, just kidding. You can put your stories in the comments below. I get that on my phone, too.

Update: Good news! We have been notified that our claim was approved. We will be reimbursed the cost of the repair.


  1. I once dropped my cell phone into a toilet.—an automatic flush type. No, it didn’t go down, but it was ruined. I even wrote a song about it: 🎶I flushed my phone. It’s going, going, gone.🎶

    I used to listen to Clark Howard when I drove a lot for work. He knows all the strategies to save money! I’ve about decided that making money is the easy part. It’s keeping it that’s hard.

    Did your COVID vaccine appointment happen? I hope so.

    Blessings to you, Dan and family.

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    • Oh boy. The bad part would be retrieving that cell phone in the toilet – even just to discard it in another way. I wasn’t aware you wrote songs. Perhaps you should incorporate them into your blog sometime! My vaccine is later today, so I am keeping my fingers crossed until I am poked! Thank you for the blessings, and Blessings to you and your family, also, David.

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  2. very clinical yet with a touch of accessibility: a blog about cell phone drop. Take that walk! Leave electronics at home, all. For sure, you don’t have to leave the country or state to change direction. Your cell phone has proven this, you only need to be dropped.

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  3. I just love this post. My favourite part is “my Pacer app would not be counting my steps. No person or thing would know about my steps – except my body.”

    After a hike for more than an hour I realised that I forgot my device. No measurements are recorded for the day 😂

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    • Thank you! I appreciate your comment, and I especially like that you told me your favorite part! I would bet your hour hike was in a beautiful area. You always post the most inspiring pictures! Enjoy your day!


  4. I love your story. When you get your insurance and buy a new phone, purchase a case for it. I replaced several iPhone screens before I shelled out for a good case. No more cracked screens!

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  5. What a relatable post!! Entertaining and painful at the same time to those of us who know what it’s like. And I think that’s a majority of cell phone owners. And the post was educational for me as I had no clue that some credit cards have a damage protection plan for 120 days. Pretty sure my hubby destroyed his phone a couple years ago within 120 days of purchase. Oh that we had thought to look at the fine print on the card he paid with. I can so relate to your anguish about the tasks you have to “manually” perform without your cell phone. Tops on my list would be not being able to change the thermostat while lying in bed. The horrors of stepping out into a freezing bedroom to walk 15 steps to the wall thermostat! What a fun read for this Saturday morning. Have a beautiful weekend!

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    • I am glad you enjoyed it! And yes, being able to change the thermostat from wherever we are is really, a joy in life! Regarding the damage protection – Each credit card is probably different, so you’ll want to check the fine print – but my credit card covers any purchases, not just cell phones. I hope you have a beautiful weekend, too!


  6. Shudders here because I literally just bought a brand new phone two weeks ago (also for about $400). I have a rubber case around the back, which ostensibly protects the front glass also. But one bad drop could definitely do some screen damage I’m sure. Thank G-d your Pacer app is back in your control (or is it controlling you?!). 🙂 – Marty

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    • My phone (Moto Hyper or something like that) came with a rubber case around the back, too. I guess my phone hit the pavement just right. (or wrong?) Yes, may Pacer app is back in control of me. The good part is I am getting steps! Good luck with your new phone!

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  7. I have dropped my phone in the toilet before. Or I should say it was in my back pocket, and when I leaned over to sit on the throne it fell in. One time my son jumped in a lake with TWO phones in his pockets…his personal phone and his work phone. Oops.

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  8. Great read! Isn’t it amazing how dependent we’ve become on our smart phones? Loved the pic you added “Me without my phone”. That gave me a good chuckle, as did all of your other observations. Hope today is better!

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  9. Oh my! I guess I’ve been lucky since I’ve bounced my phone off our tile floor more times than I can count and it never shattered, broke, not a thing. Now watch I’m probably jinxed. It is amazing how dependent we are on them. Me, even more so now that my hearing aids answer my phone and notify me of text messages, etc. Glad you are now back in control of things and can count your steps. Have a great weekend.

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    • Thank you! Yes, I’ve dropped my phone a number of times, too. I guess this was just an extra good drop! I saw a comment this morning from you, but I don’t know where it went. Maybe it didn’t have its coffee yet! Hope you are having a great weekend!


  10. When I’ve stripped the bed to wash the sheets my phone got entangled and went through the wash. I now only buy the cheapest phones on the market. They are enough if anyone needs to contact urgently. Never take the phone out walking. Nothing is that urgent.
    Enjoy your day and thanks for the laugh.

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    • You have a good plan! I bought a more expensive phone, so I could have more photo storage and a better camera. I wanted that for my blog. I am glad my post gave you a laugh! I hope you enjoy your day, too!

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  11. Sorry to hear about your phone. I question your selfie without having the phone though. How did you do that? It did make me laugh.

    I take a lot of picture with my phone too. A reoccurring nightmare is dropping my phone when reaching over a railing on a cliff or bridge while trying to get that perfect angle. I do that a lot; I drop my phone a lot too, so far, just not at the same time.

    I have an Otter Box case and a glass screen protector. They really work in protecting my phone. I don’t worry about dropping my phone anymore, except for over a cliff, because like a Timex, it keeps on ticking. Happy days and safe travels.

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    • Well, I took that “selfie” at the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. A great place to visit! I have also worried numerous times when taking a picture on a bridge for the very reason you wrote. It could happen so easily! My phone came with a “protective case” though not the quality of an Otter Box. I probably need to invest in one of those. Thanks for reading, be careful with your phone, and enjoy your day!


  12. Betty, you have made me smile while reading this as we all relate to our phone addiction! I love the part about the phone not wanting to turn off at bedtime! I’ve never dropped one with such serious consequences, but I have had the blue screen of death and one that gave me subtle warnings that it was time to retire. I am glad you were able to get it repaired and covered under buyer protection! I don’t have near the apps and notifications that you have on yours, but I do refer to it throughout the day and am self-conscious of doing so!


    • Thank you, Beth. I am glad it made you smile. It seems we are getting more and more dependent on those phones. I view it as good overall, even with the frequent “checking” of it. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Our weather here is superb!

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  13. Fingers crossed you get reimbursed for the expense.
    I’m amazed that in all the years I’ve been in a very close relationship with my cell phone, I haven’t lost or broken it. Like so many others, my iPhone is never far away. I do have nostalgic thoughts of my old flip phone, we had some good years together!

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    • Yes, my fingers are still crossed. We’ll see how it turns out. You must be doing something right with cell phones. I’m hoping to be more careful. Enjoy your day!


  14. The demon in your phone! lol I feel like that sometimes! And I’ve only dropped it like 7 times! lol
    Miraculously it has survived so far, don’t know how.
    That pic of “You” is so hideous it’s cute.

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    • Thanks, but at least it turned out okay. My phone came with a case, and I didn’t buy a better, more expensive one. I am going to be more careful now, I hope! Enjoy your Wednesday!

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  15. I love the part about not wanting to go for a walk because you couldn’t track your steps. We got a good laugh out of that because it is totally a thought we would have too!

    Back last fall, we were in Walmart getting a few groceries. Angie had her phone in her hand, about to scan an item that has no price, when out of the blue a bag of pinto beans slid off a upper shelf and knocked the phone out of hand. The screen shattered. She tried to live with ‘rainbow screen’ but soon found it impossible to click on anything. We ended up getting her a new phone and an OtterBox case.

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    • I am glad you could identify. 🙂 Now if a bag of pinto beans fell “out of the sky”, it would seem a new phone was meant to be! Those OtterBox cases are awesome! Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

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