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Guess what I found. A new camping hot spot. Where? At the library! What? Well, you see, our library offers mobile hot spots that can be checked out for two weeks. I was interested in this because we were going to South Marcum Corps of Engineers campground at Rend Lake, and I knew there wouldn’t be wifi there. How would we survive?

It’s not that big of a deal because we can connect to the internet using the hot spots on our phone. Shouldn’t be a problem because we have the unlimited data plan, right? Well, in the past, when we’ve used our phone’s hot spots on camping trips we found out our unlimited data plan has a secret plan behind it. ATT will throttle us if we use too much data. We’ve hit that unknown data limit in the past, and like a runner on a marathon, we hit the wall. Except with our data plan, there’s no way to power through – until the next billing cycle.

So, we requested a mobile hot spot from our library, and it came just in time for our trip.

It was very easy to use, and it worked just fine. We watched Youtube videos along with other activities on our chromebook (Scrabble, WordPress (duh!), pictures, email, etc.) The only thing we didn’t try was streaming over our ROKU.

Since we were only to be gone for 5 days, the two week limited worked out for us. However, the fines are pretty hefty should one not follow the rules.

Good thing I am a rule follower

I don’t know the details if a mobile hot spot is purchased. Is there an additional fee for data? Is there a limit on data? Does it work well for streaming? I am mostly just curious, as I don’t really intend to purchase it anyway, but I’d just like to know. Information is power, right? That’s pretty much why I wrote this post, in case you didn’t know.

Being able to check out mobile hot spots from our library is just one more reason why I love the library!


  1. This is helpful information, Betty. Pay attention, dear readers. Being frugal AND a good planner saves 💰 💵. And that means more resources for RV’ing!

    BTW, I saw a review on YouTube yesterday for a cell phone single booster for RV’ers. The device helps you get a better signal in secluded areas. It’s called the “HiBoost Travel 4G 2.0 RV Cell Phone Signal Booster.”

    They probably don’t have these available for library check out though.

    🙏❤️ Prayers and Love. Happy Almost Easter!

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    • Yes, David, exactly! More resources for Rv’ing! Now, I never heard of such a thing as a cell phone single booster, and I haven’t heard of libraries offering such a device. But I do know libraries have suggestions boxes. 🙂 Thank you for your Almost Easter wishes, and I wish the same for you and your family.

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    • Yes, it is. One of the things I have missed most during the pandemic is the in person library classes and events. I have enjoyed so many of them, and I hope it won’t be too long before these are offered again. Libraries are a treasure and a joy to me. Enjoy your day!


  2. Thanks for the tip! In my books if I learned something new today it is an extra special day! I love your RV tips too. Thanks for sharing.

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    • You are more than welcome! Perhaps we should do a birthday breakfast sometime, so we can catch up! I hope you are enjoying many travels with your RV. Happy Easter!


  3. Our internet data plan is also “unlimited” but includes the throttling back. That’s a great service your library provides. When we head out this summer, we’ll be gone for 6-8 weeks. Last year, it was 6 weeks. In the areas that had limited or no wifi, I actually enjoyed the break. 😊

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  4. We have a Hot Spot and two phones. Between the three we usually can get through the month without worrying about being throttled back. We use the Hot Spot until it happens, then we switch to one of the phones until it happens, and then finish the month using the third phone. This has been working for us for years now. Happy Easter!

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    • I am glad that this has worked for you for years. That’s really good considering you are on the road full time. Happy Easter to you, too!


    • Yes, it does work for a short trip. I wish the library would loan them out for just a bit longer – like a 3 week trip. I have looked at the list at all the things the library has to use or can be checked out. It is very impressive. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!


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