Friday Funnies

A Midwest Pruning Gone South

In our small yard, we have two hydrangeas. For whatever reason, these grow like crazy. They bloom in July and have large, spectacular blossoms which last until the fall. These bushes grow so big, they engulf the area between the houses.

So, one fall I decided to show those bushes who’s the boss. I got a little too enthusiastic and pruned them way, way back. The photo above shows the results the following July. I found out Mother Nature is always the boss.

Some mistakes take a while to correct. The following fall and ever since, I only prune one-third of the branches. Good thing I can laugh at my mistakes.


  1. Hydrangeas have a way of taking over. I have two that are overgrown and due for pruning. After seeing your pictures, I’ll be cautious. I will, however, dig up the shoots around the plants as these also grow up and take even more space!

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    • Yes, you are right! We do not do anything to these bushes. Yet, they grow like crazy! I have read to not cut off more than 1/3 of each branch. This allows the branch to grow thick enough to support the huge blooms. I read that after pruning. 🙂 P.S. I love your posts, but I still cannot ever comment on them. I do hit “like” though each time I read. Hopefully, you are enjoying Spring!


  2. When I saw this I imagined a cartoon-sounding “bloooooooop” in my head. Reminds me of when I worked someplace that planted tulips every spring. It was a windy part of the country, so a week later you’d see nothing but bare stems sticking up from the ground. A little funny and sad.

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  3. My poor hydrangea was re-located this spring in hopes of more sunshine and more blooms. Thanks for sharing that only 1/3 of the branches should be pruned. I also have a habit of over doing it. My roses especially like to be cut way down. Hopefully the new location for the hydrangea will encourage more growth.

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    • Hopefully, it will do well. The ones we have seem pretty hardy! I have 3 rose bushes, too. Two are Knock Out bushes, and one is the classic type. I love the classics. I fight the aphids, but it is worth it. Good luck with your hydrangea, and enjoy your weekend!

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