Jack and Joe

Jack-It bike rack sitting on driveway.

Some things seem like they are meant to be. When we did our shake-down trip earlier this year, we decided to ditch Jack. Jack was our bike rack, and we just didn’t want him hanging around anymore.

Well, we got rid of Jack and found Joe. Joe’s okay. We got rid of Jack by posting in our neighborhood Facebook group that he was available. For free. We really just wanted him out of our garage.

Within about two minutes, I received a Facebook message asking me if Jack was still available. Oh yes, he was. About 10 minutes later, Dan and I were meeting Joe and introducing him to Jack.

Turns out Joe had just bought a Micro Lite three days earlier. I think Joe’s Micro is about two feet smaller than ours, but it’s the same brand. So, not only is Joe and his wife, Stephanie, part of the RV tribe now, he’s in our Micro Lite family, too. And he’s a New Town neighbor.

Joe said he felt like this was all meant to be. He and his wife had just picked up their Micro Lite; he had been looking to purchase a Jack-It bike rack. Stephanie, his wife, saw my post. Then, when he came to pick up Jack, he saw our Micro Lite sitting out front as we are getting ready to hit the road.

Travel trailer in front of our house.
Where are we headed?
Gee, I wonder how you can find out.

So, of course, Joe, Dan and I talked of Micro Lites, traveling and trips, parks and campgrounds, and, oh yea, my blog. Joe and Stephanie are brand new to the travel trailer world, just like we were in October 2018. We seem like experts to him. HA HA! He said we got him even more excited about camping – which is great as he was already on Cloud Nine.

We said he could learn from our mistakes, as I’ve documented plenty of them in my blog. I gave him a note with my blog’s name on it. The note paper looked like this:

Note paper with picture of a dog wearing sunglasses.
On this note, I wrote http://www.ChambersontheRoad.com

Joe looked at the note and said, “This even looks like our dog!” Well, surely, he is right, all this is meant to be. I am so glad we gave away Jack. Because we found a friend, Joe. And we look forward to meeting his wife, Stephanie. Happy Camping!


  1. We LOVE this post! Joe was very excited when he got home, telling me everything y’all had talked about and about getting a tour of y’all’s trailer. He said your tour was as, if not more, thorough than the dealership’s. He said it was great meeting both of you and you got him even more excited about our travels. We’re looking forward to reading your blog! Looking forward to hopefully meeting you both.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so glad you liked the post! I didn’t think of writing the post until later; otherwise, I would have asked Joe to pose for a picture. Next time! We walk a lot, so we may see you on one of our walks. If we can answer any questions or you just want to chat, please feel free to reach out. We enjoy our travel trailer so much, and it is fun to meet others who do, too! Happy Trails!


  2. Fantastic! Trading Jack for Joe was definitely a win-win!! Enjoy your up-coming travels. I look forward to your blog posts. Have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I look forward to our travels. It feels like a long time coming. You have a great week, too, and safe travels to Mt.Airy – sounds pretty!


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