Goodbye Felix

October 2019
Rend Lake Visitor Center

On Friday, April 16, 2021, Felix Silla died. While Felix had several other roles in television, he is best know for playing Cousin Itt on the wacky show, “The Addams Family.”

Before Saturday, when I read the news, I can’t recall ever having heard the name, Felix Silla. However, I have many memories of Cousin Itt and of enjoying this crazy character while growing up. The picture above was taken at the Rend Lake Visitor Center when we camped there in late October 2019. Even though I was all grown up at that point, I happily said, “Hey Dan, look! It’s Cousin Itt!”

Thanks, Felix, for all laughs, and may you rest in peace.


  1. I saw this news yesterday too. Like you, I was a fan of the Addams Family. Also like you, I never knew the name Felix Silla. I guess I never gave much thought that there was a real person behind the costume. RIP Felix Silla and goodbye cousin Itt.

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  2. I have to think that all of those characters left definite impressions on us. I still think of Morticia clipping the rose heads off and arranging stems every time I see an arrangement of roses!

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  3. I too grew up loving cousin ITT. Just never knew who played the character. By the way does anyone remember who played R2-D2 on Star Wars? Yup there was a person inside. And how about C-3PO? Not a real robot but an actor inside as well. Have a great week.

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  4. When we were little, my sister used to flip her hair over her face, wrap up in a blanket, and sit on the end of my bed pretending to be Cousin Itt. She would talk to me in gibberish and pretty soon we’d be falling off the bed laughing. RIP Felix!

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