St. Chuck and The Pope

Travel Trailer in front of our home.
Ready to Roll

Sunday was Travel Day. We left our home in St. Charles and traveled to Wallace Creek Corps of Engineers campground in Pope, Mississippi. We’ve been here before, but that’s another story. Or two.

The trip was 374 miles and took us 7 hours, and okay, 7 minutes. Probably because we stopped at four of the fives Loves between home and Wallace Creek. What can I say? We do love Loves. 🙂

While we travel, we pass the time by doing crossword puzzles. Now, Dan, our driver, does not look at the book. He listens to the descriptions and answers that way. For example, here’s how one clue played out:

Crossword puzzle book.
  • Me – Okay, it’s four letters and ends in “Y.” The clue is “Greasy.”
  • Dan – How about “airy?”
  • Me – Thinking “What’s the matter with him?”, but saying, “How can airy be greasy?”
  • Dan – What are you talkin’ about? Airy? Breezy?
  • Me – Not breezy, GREASY!

So, you get the idea how this can play out. Neither of us have easy jobs in this game! But I must say, this does make the time go by really fast.

Once we arrived at Wallace Creek, we set up and had time to take a walk. Now, we have a tradition. Our meal on travel days is warmed up spaghetti that Dan made the day before. On this day, we split a salad that we had bought at Loves and added one of the “Special Buys” Aldi’s pretzel breadsticks. Oh so good! Take me to this restaurant anytime!

Tomorrow we have a drive of about 350 miles to our destination where we will stay for two weeks. The only thing I will tell you about that is I have a Barry Manilow song playing in my head, and I am just itching to sing out that title! But – – – I don’t want to jinx it.

So, until then, I’ll just say my prayers in Pope and hope that we will make it.

View from campsite in Wallace Creek Corps of Engineer campground in Pope, Mississippi.
Praying in Pope


    • You are right! Hurricane Sally reminds me of Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction.” “I’m not gonna be ignored.” However, that movie is over now. Beautiful morning here in Pope. Enjoy!

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    • Oh, I have been hearing Willie sing in my head, too! Perhaps that is every camper’s song after the long winter of having the camper in storage! Thanks for reading, and have a good day tomorrow!


  1. Wow, you two like to put the miles on all at once. I’ve gotten to old to do that. My rule of thumb is, on the road between 9/10 am and off the road by no later than 2/3 pm and no more than 200 plus miles in a day. Worked for us the last four years so I guess we’ll stick with it. However, having said that, whatever works for you is what is right for you. How do we pass our time? Jazz music. Enjoy your travels may you have miles of smiles. Looking forward to your travel blogs.

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    • I think the difference is also we are not full time. We only have so many days to be we want to be gone from home, and so we travel about 350 miles each day. We like to arrive at our destination and then spend a number of days there enjoying the area. As far as this trip, we have arrived, but I do have to say we are tired tonight! Enjoy your Tuesday!


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