1. Oh my, LOL! This reminds me of a photo I took of hubs many years ago at a rest stop in Washington State. He was squatted down with a piece of bread on his head with a seagull swooping down to grab the treat (hubs did this to entertain some children nearby. We were having so much fun listening to the children squeal and giggle that we hadn’t seen the sign, but when I developed my photos, there it was, right beside him “Do Not Feed the Seagulls”!

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    • Hot tea coming out of your nose! Well, that’s a level of success I never dreamed of. At least it was only a sip and not a big gulp! Enjoy the coming weekend – and your hot tea!

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    • Well, thank you. I’ll tell you what I sometimes tell Dan – You’re doing a good job of laying it on thick. 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend, too!


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