Why Did We Wait So Long?

Outdoor grill on side of Micro Lite

Do you like to barbecue? Our Micro Lite, which we bought in October 2018, came with an outdoor grill. But it would be two and a half years before we used it. I guess we had so much to learn, that we put using the grill on the back burner. Ha ha!

Fortunately, our dealer had assembled the entire unit, so we just had to set it on the side of our trailer and connect it to the propane. While that sounds easy enough, here’s the list of what we learned:

  • Getting the grill out of storage was tricky. The grill was stored under our jack-knife sofa, but when we lifted our sofa there wasn’t enough room to pull it out. So, we accessed it from the outside side door. We got the grill out, but it was an exercise in geometry. We plan to store it elsewhere.
  • The utility tray which sits to the right, which is very handy, had discolored just by sitting in storage over the 2 1/2 years. A storage bag also came with it, but the grill and tray were not in it. We can fix this with some rustoleum spray paint.
  • There is a wire with a cotter pin on each side, but we couldn’t get the cotter pin to insert through the hole on the outer grill handles. So, we just put the cotter pin on the smaller food grill handle. Also, the loop on one of the wires had come out, so we just kind of twisted the wire into a knot. I believe the purpose of this is to stop the grill from falling off the trailer should the brackets holding it fail. Hopefully, our modifications won’t be tested.
  • When we first connected the grill to the trailer’s LP, the grill did not work. It took us a minute to realize, we also had to turn the switch on at the “LP Disconnect” point.
  • There is a red button on the left side. I suppose this is a spark ignition switch, but nothing seems to be happening when we press it. Perhaps we are unknowingly contacting the White House. Bottom line: We light the grill with a flame through a hole in the bottom of the grill.

Now to the good part!

For our first meal, I grilled some chicken breasts with teriyaki sauce. Then, I added one half bag of teriyaki stir fry which I had bought at Aldi’s. I also warmed up our garlic bread sticks right there on the grill.

Teriyaki Stir Fry bag from Aldi's.
Teriyaki stir fry cooking in pan on the grill.

This was very easy to make, and just a few minutes later…

Dinner table with meal.

Now, when we first got our camper, I posted a question on Facebook asking how people liked the grill that came with our Micro Lite. There were a number of replies, including some which suggested I toss this grill and get a Blackstone. But there were several others which said this grill worked great. With all due respect to the Blackstone faithful, this grill works just fine, and I am not going to toss it. Our food was delicious!

Since this meal, Dan has grilled T-bone steaks, and tonight he has hamburgers on the menu. I may also purchase a griddle to put on top, so we can make breakfast. Which, by the way, my stomach and all these photos are reminding me – I am hungry! Time to eat!


  1. Calling the White House, LOL! We have a little table top propane grill that fits nicely into the basement of our motorhome. We also have a little collapsible table for the rare times we don’t have a picnic table. That little grill is plenty big for the two of us.

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    • Sounds perfect! I hadn’t thought about that, but the size of our grill is fine for the two of us, too. Doesn’t sound like you have a direct line to the White House though. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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  2. Those grills are very good. I purchased one when I had my RV and love love loved it! In fact, I kept it when we sold the RV and used it while we built. I still have it and still use it. The only thing I didnt have is all the stuff you had to go through just to get out out and use it. I’m glad you were successful!😁

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    • Thank you. I think the hardest part was retrieving it from inside the travel trailer. Now, all the hard part is done, and it should be just good eating! Enjoy your day!


  3. Fabulous! The chicken teriyaki looks very good and a great outdoor meal! I’m glad it worked out so well and that you’re using it a lot now! When we camped I used a Coleman stove and hubby cooked over an open fire grill. I also used an electric frying pay for many meals. We did all our cooking outdoors (except the indoor crock pot) as it was too messy to cook on the little 2 burner gas stove in the camper. I only used it to heat water for dishes!

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    • It was an easy and delicious meal! Sounds like you did great making meals when you had the camper, and I’d bet they tasted great! It’s so nice that you have such good memories. Have a good day!


    • Thank you. The stir fry was so easy and so delicious. We got two meals out of the bag of stir fry vegetables from Aldi’s. We’ve also used the grill for the typical stuff: hamburgers, T bones, chicken breasts and pork steaks. Every was delicious. The chicken breasts were especially good – very tender and juicy. I’m looking forward to reading about your road trip in the fall.


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